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requesting from: @Gushlee

You didn’t put the artist you would like to take your request!

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I’m sorry, like I said yesterday in a post, I’m in the hospital and I can’t tell for how long, so please choose another artist!

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Omg! Are you better?

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Yes, I’m better, thanks for asking.

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So happy to hear. Get better soon :heart:

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:black_heart: Can I make a request for a Cover? :black_heart:

*** What are you requesting:** Doctor office background
*** Size: (1/2/3 Zones)** 3 zones please
*** Version (Day/Night/Both)** Both day and night
*** Main Kind(Bedroom/Shop/etc.)** Doctor office with a table on the table is a computer and notebooks. in front of the table is a chair or 2.
*** Preferred Colors** white or a light grey
*** Special Details** Can you have a poster or two of human body or something to make it seem like a real doctor office.
*** Example Picture (Not necessary!)**
*** Preferred Editor/Artist** @queenscribbles or @veronica.episode


Can I get the chair and desk; which you use in the background; as overlays please and thanks.

Addition information

Can you pm/dm me the background when you are done so it is easier for me to know who create which background for me. Also tell me how you will like to be credited if using your forum name or instagram name.


Hey! Can anyone edit backgrounds? There isn’t a form to fill out for backgrounds. :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

Hi i am requesting an art scene
P.s: Spirit
style: limelight
character details:
Character Details:
Body: Female soft
Skin tone: Gold 1
Eyes: Female generic, Aqua blue
Eyebrow: Arched thin, deep brown
Hair: Updo, chestnut brown
Face shape: Diamond long
Nose: defined neutral
Mouth: Full wide, fair gold matte

Character 2
Body: Male athletic
Skin tone: Gold 1
Hair: Medium Side Curls, blonde medium
Eyes: Male generic, brown dark
Eyebrow: Round thin, deep brown
Nose: Straight pointed
Face shape: Heart soft
Mouth: Medium heart, fair gold matte



I will explain my idea of pose
A random boy push a girl onto a wall. girl get scared
pose of character 1: idle_terrified_pose
pose of character 2: idle_leanon_happy_loop
i hope you get my idea of pose

BACKGROUND: i don’t have that specific background i will try to explain
A bar background
if you still want one please let me know iwill try to get the bg

SIZE: 3 panels
VIEW: full body
prefered artist: @queenscribbles
please let me know if miss anything

Heyyy! Do you draw cover arts? If not, never mind :two_hearts:

Hi, is @Yuke available? I’d like to request a pfp from them :purple_heart:

Hi! I’m not apart of this shop but @/Yuke hasn’t been active since August 7th 2020…

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Oh I see, thanks :blush:

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Art Scene:
Password: Spirit
Style: Ink
Character details:
Isla -
Body: Light
Brow: Seductive round
Hair: Beach wave hair; Platinum blonde
Eyes: Upturned feline; Blue
Face: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full round mouth; Scarlet


Body: Tan
Brow: Thin arch
Hair: Short cropped hair; Black
Eyes: Stoic almond; Blue
Face: Defined triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven; Terracotta
Extra: If you could add eyebrow slits, that would be great
Isla: Touch of Scotland Shirt Black, Leather Leggings Black, Ankle Booties Slate Grey, and Moon Necklace

 Dominick: VNeck Tshirt Navy, Ripped Punk Pants, Black Hipster High Top Sneakers (probably not needed), Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade), and Key Necklace

Pose: For Isla, I have attached a picture of how I want her to look. It doesn’t have to be the same, but if it could look similar to that, it would be amazing! For Dominick, I would like his arms crossed and have a facial expression similar to the guy in the image with charcoal hair. I am not sure which animation may have that, but if you can’t do it, please just do an annoyed arms crossed pose. Also, if they could both be facing left, that would be great.
Background: Night sky or city kind of background. The artist can also choose something different if they please!
Size: 1 panel
View: Mostly upper half, but include part of the legs
Preferred Editor/Artist: Anyone who can do it!

Here is the image for reference on poses! It is from the story Sensational.


  • What are you requesting: BACKGROUND

  • Size: (1/2/3 Zones) : 2

  • Version (Day/Night/Both) : DAY

  • Main Kind(Bedroom/Shop/etc.) : COURTYARD

  • Preferred Colors :Green (as in grass) blue (sky)

  • Special Details: only if its possible can you also make a fountain

  • Example Picture (Not necessary!)

  • Preferred Editor/Artist @queenscribbles

password ; spirit

Queenscribbles is unfortunately suspended. :pensive: I just checked her profile.

A cover limelight
Pass spirit

Oh np! I’ll ask someone else then

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