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okay i hope you’re okay!

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requesting from: @Gushlee

You didn’t put the artist you would like to take your request!

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I’m sorry, like I said yesterday in a post, I’m in the hospital and I can’t tell for how long, so please choose another artist!

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Omg! Are you better?

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Yes, I’m better, thanks for asking.

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So happy to hear. Get better soon :heart:

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:black_heart: Can I make a request for a Cover? :black_heart:

*** What are you requesting:** Doctor office background
*** Size: (1/2/3 Zones)** 3 zones please
*** Version (Day/Night/Both)** Both day and night
*** Main Kind(Bedroom/Shop/etc.)** Doctor office with a table on the table is a computer and notebooks. in front of the table is a chair or 2.
*** Preferred Colors** white or a light grey
*** Special Details** Can you have a poster or two of human body or something to make it seem like a real doctor office.
*** Example Picture (Not necessary!)**
*** Preferred Editor/Artist** @queenscribbles or @veronica.episode


Can I get the chair and desk; which you use in the background; as overlays please and thanks.

Addition information

Can you pm/dm me the background when you are done so it is easier for me to know who create which background for me. Also tell me how you will like to be credited if using your forum name or instagram name.