Shading techniques for edits (help!)

I really need help. I do art all the time and my preferred style is semi realistic (blended shading) but I really can’t get the blended shading to look smooth, no matter how hard I try! I draw on an iPad and I use IbisPaintX. I just want to know if anyone has tips for me as I’m very stuck. I’m trying to improve by practising (I did 3 drawings today, see below) but I just CANNOT get the right blend. Can anyone help me please?

Btw sorry my art sucks, I’ve only been doing digital art for about 5 months, probably less, so I haven’t had much experience (i only started episode edits yesterday)


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Do you actually use the blend tool in ibis paint or di you use the pen that’s kind of shading i don’t remeber the name…

I used the blend tool. Is there another way to do it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Use the caucasian blur instead and make sure the colours are only little bit darker that the skin tone.

Ok thank you, also I saw your art on the share your art thread and it was so good :blush:

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Thank you so much❤ I am also learning. I only started to draw a month ago

Nice :blush:

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