"Shadow" of a person overlay needed! (along with wedding overlays still desired if anyone has them!)

Hi guys!

Can someone make or provide an overlay of a person’s “shadow” hovering over someone? Like in an intimidating (lol obviously) sorta way?

From this angle?

Also, I have yet to find good wedding overlays and backgrounds: if someone knows of a user who may have them (I really want some kind of background where theyre also standing or sitting in the rear with backseat overlays), please link them!

Credit will be fully provided for everything above :slight_smile:

So you need like the back of a shadow? Or like a shadow looking over her?

Looking over her!

So like from behind her? Sorry I’m trying to understand so I can help.

I think they mean over the girls face, as if someone was walking towards her

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OMFG okay I’ve been away from forums but now I’m back! I didn’t realize I got more responses.

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Yes, this!

If anyone read Hello? by Old Mate and Evil Ebonni, she used some cool shadow overlays in the beginning where the stalker was hovering over the girl trying to open the door!

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