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Welcome to the wonderful world of edits! :butterfly: I’m so happy you came to check out my little shop.:relaxed: Let’s go over a few things before we get too crazy shall we :innocent:

What Do You Do?

Glad you asked! I do a majority of things including:

• Profile Picture :cat_typing:
• Character Edit :mic_drop:
• Text Messaging Template :apple_inc: :android:
• Splash :art:
• Cover :nail_care:t4:
• Overlay :lollipop:
• Banner :prideflag:

What Are The Rules? This contains the password read or get rejected! :cake5: :gem:


Please do not complain about how long it will take to make your art! Do not rush me.

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like it

Don’t hesitate to get a redo, you can get as much as three

Order Up!
You may order as many times as you want from this thread

Second-Hand Robbery
No stealing anyone’s work if you want some request it

I’m begging you! Do not cramp your reply’s on my thread if you want to argue, take it to a PM.

Since pretty much everybody does not read rules, I’m going to put a password for God’s sake

PASSWORD! :blob_hearts: Gemini :blob_hearts: Or :butterfly: Lilac :butterfly:

IF you haven’t typed the password or you break ANY of these rules :sunglasses:

Credit me if necessary. It would be nice to credit me, I would really appreciate it! Just credit me @shadow_stories_epi from my Insta. :butterfly:

Don’t claim my works as yours. Because that would make you a robber, you will be blacklisted, warned to other artists, and reported. you will face consequences! Be warned. :expressionless:

I don’t know how to draw edits basically, it’s just I’m really bad at digital art so don’t request anything drawn.



Screenshot (118)

Request Forms Below :arrow_heading_down:


PFP or Character Edit:
Ink / Limelight:
Character details(typed out only):
Anything else?:
Any specific background?:


Cover Or Splash:
Ink / Limelight:
Small / Large / Both:
Story Title & Genre:
Author’s Name:
Character details?(typed out only):
Action / Pose:
Anyhting else?
Any specific background?:


What type of overlay do you want?:
Describe How You Want It As Best As You Can:
Any Reference Pic That I Could Look At?:


What text do you want me to put in?:
Vibe/Mood (Sad,happy etc.):
Amount of characters you want in your banner?:
How do you want your banner to look like?:
Any specific background?:
Anything else?:

Text Message

Texts? (Received and Sent):
Name of the person your texting with:
Battery Percentage?:
Anything Else?:

Enjoy I guess :sweat_smile:


Password: Gemini

Character edit in LL

Female Character: Bella
Skin: Gold 4
Brow: Arched Natural Scar (black dark)
Hair: Long Feathered (dark brown)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned (grey cool)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Full Round Pouty (rose matte)


Bruise Face Purple

Button Up Tattered Bloody Cotton White

Tribal Chest Tattoo

Freckles Heavy (00-03)

Boy Short Underwear Cotton Black

Leg Bruise Purple

Pose: She on her knees with her hands tied.

Background: Transparents please


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Got it I will get to work soon. It should be done by Wednesday

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Thank you!

This is a different one the other has other people I like to work alone as well :laughing:
This one also has different things. You would know you are a part of multiple shops and make threads that are basically shops :thinking: In fact, you made two different edits involving you wanting to take requests just recently. :flushed:

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I never made a shop, i just get invited into them or i ask to join. I’m also currently in 2 shops only, And i opened an outline contest so that’s different :woman_shrugging:t4:

Lol, you’re in the shops and as I said, “a part of multiple shops” And I’m talking about your one topic where your begging for requests, along with the one that asks people if they want an edit. Just because it doesn’t have a shop in it doesn’t really change the genre of the topic aka "Art Resources"
So it technically counts :grimacing:

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  1. I wasn’t begging. 2. I was asking if they could give me there details for practice because i know i need to get better at some things. 3. I’m not trying to argue, i was just asking why do you keep doing this that’s all. Damn :disappointed:

Ok, 1. I am so glad you said I wasn’t trying to argue because while I was getting a nutty Buddy I thought that I should tell you I’m not trying to argue are offend you because I love your work.
2. I too am trying to get better at edits.
3. I PM’ed my associates in my shop and they said they’d prefer if I made a separate shop to do some things I like.
4. I’m sorry if I did offend you!
5. I should probably stop rambling lol :sweat_smile:

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Your good :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Lol thanks :crazy_face: :blue_heart:

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