Shady hallway background with one zone

Heyy guyssss! I need help with this. Hallway background with one zone, containing 3 ways like left, right, and forward. Two way thing is okay too. And the background should look shady. One zone is enough to make it look better. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance!!:heart:

I might be able to help??

Yeah sure!! :heart:

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Hey, you said you’ll help!!?:joy:

Oh sorry Lol I got sidetracked :sweat_smile:
But what is it you need help with

Hahaha okayyyyy! Maybe read the topic once again😂

oml I am so sorry I read the thing so fast and so wrong Lol :sweat_smile:
Completely my fault sorry for inconvenience But I can not help I am sorry

This okay? Or is it not what you’re looking for

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Yeah this is good tooo. But more like an empty hallway?

Yeah that’s alright

How about this one?

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I guess this works!! Thank you so muchhhh love :blob_hearts: Gimme your instagram ID for credits!! :heart:

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its @oceansaep :)) and i’m sorry i couldn’t find a better one i tried

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Yeah that’s completely fine!! Thanks againnnnn :purple_heart: :heart: