Shameless Self-Promotion

I have a couple of stories on my account, this is the link to the newest one. please provide feedback for what has been done so far. Tysm!

What is the story about?

A love story between 2 guys with some shady shit in between

Would it be too much to ask if you could review mine in return?

Of course not. Send me the link

Also I have started to read your story it looks good so far.

It’s great so far. One major criticism I have is that it kinda looks like you ripped Detroit from another story called Chain reaction. People might get real funny about that

Oh yeah maybe that is why the name Detroit popped into my head when I saw my character. I will change his name. Thank you.

May I also suggest changing his appearance slightly. Just because I don’t want people giving you shit for 'stealing a character

Yeah okay, no problem thank you for the advice.

No worries, loving the story btw. Great stuff

Thank you, I loved yours too.

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