Shan.epipe's (closed) story review thread!

Slots full! You can still leave requests, you’ll be put on a waiting list.
First come, first serve - You’re only put on the list once I have confirmed it with you!

Hi everyone!
I’ll be honest, i’m running out of stories to read. So to help others while giving myself something to do, i’ve decided to read some of your new and upcoming stories, with less than 1k views, and share my feedback on the story:)
I can give you dialogue help, check for glitches and other stuff, essentially a proofreader.
Or, you could just tell me what you would need and i would do my best to help in the request.

I’m also a decent coder, and don’t find that there’s a lot I get stuck at, so I could aid in your coding errors also.

If you’re interested, request on this post, simply using the password (blurred) and then we can chat privately on the forums and go from there!

What to include in your request for story reviews:

Name -
story name-
amount of chapters-
How long your chapters average at, like 10-15 minutes:
published or unpublished -
What you would like -

  • My opinion , what you could do better, what i like ,
  • proofreading , catching any coding mistakes, grammar and spelling ,
  • Helping with coding mistakes in your script.
  • Improving Dialogue, improving sentences, making small changes to dialogue, or simply helping you come up with dialogue.
  • Brainstorming ideas.
  • Help with a plot.
  • Other, please specify
  • Full review, This will include proofreading, suggestions, my opinion on the story, likes and dislikes, things I think you should change, and any other feedback I could give you.

Password: HELP! BLUR THE PASSWORD IN YOUR REQUEST! If it is not blurred, you’ll be asked to re-read the information.



Hey there! I’m interested! Are you open to honest critic of published stories?


Absolutely! Shoot me a PM and we can chat:)

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I’m interested.
I’d like you to give me an honest feedback on my story


I would like it if you could review my story, I know there’s room for improvement, especially in the first 3 episodes, and your advice and input would be great. :blush: HELP

I’m interested



Private message me and we’ll go from there - there is a waiting list to be aware of though:)

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Private message me with the details n we’ll chat, there is a waiting list to be aware of though:)

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PM me!

Moved to Share Feedback since this is for story feedback. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

I’m interested! HELP!

I’d like a review , thank you! HELP!
Name - babi
story name- That Summer
amount of chapters- 3
How long your chapters average at, like 5-10 minutes :
published or unpublished - published
What you would like - review

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Hi! thank you for your request!
All of my slots are booked for right now but you’ll certainly be put on the waiting list once we have confirmed!
If you could PM me with the link to your story and so we can chat about your story that would be great! After this, you’ll be on the list :kissing_heart:

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Name - rose
story name- two sitters
amount of chapters- 1 so far
How long your chapters average at, like 10-15 minutes : 11 minutes
published or unpublished - unpublished
What you would like - opinion and proofreading!

password: HELP!

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Of course! You’ll go on the waiting list, you’ll have the review in the next few days. Could you send me the description?

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Password: HELP!

Hey. I know you’ll probably be pretty busy reading all these stories so don’t feel the need to rush with mine. I’d really appreciate it if you reviewed my story.

My Story Info

Name - The Button
Story name - The Fourth Wall
Amount of chapters - 6
How long your chapters average at, like 10-15 minutes: 15-20 minutes
published or unpublished - Published
What you would like -

  • My opinion , what you could do better, what i like

Of course, my slots are full but you’ll go on a waiting list, send me the link to your story in PM:)

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description: As punishment, you have to babysit your little cousins during spring break. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Wait until you find out that your old rival is going to help you!

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That’s a nice description. PM me the link. You’re Number 1 on the waiting list.

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