Shana Ravi's and Leah's amazing art thread (Closed to catch up!) (covers, splashes, overlays, pfp's, banners and art scenes)

Hey guys, Leah and I decided to partner up and make some art. First things first you need to fill out the art form to be accepted. Also if you want Leah to do one for you. You send her the character details on the chat. No filling out the form if you request her. You can request one of us specifically.
To sum it up

  • We can make covers
  • We can make overlay titles
  • We can make covers only with words
  • We can do splashes
  • Leah can do banners
  • I can do outlines
  • We can do art scenes


  • No copying our work as your own (that’s disrespectful)
  • Please credit us
  • No going to other topics and requesting the same thing, it sometimes makes people angry
  • Dont request if your not going to use our artwork
  • Please dont be greedy we try our best to get things out on time
  • Redo’s are allowed but we can only can redo something 3 times
  • No drama allowed
  • No bullying of race or ethnicity

We are on break so no more requests for now. We will contact you if I need to give you your artwork. We are very busy right now!

Sorry if we sound mean we are just trying to set some ground rules. :blush::kissing_heart:

Here are some of our artworks


Thanks! For stopping bye.!


Leah’s Waiting List:

  • @LeahMJ not taking requests at the moment :slight_smile:

Hey Leah add @MysteriousAmaya to the list for a art scene with these characters


With a light pink backround with orange lights.

Also @MysteriousAmaya You didnt tell which pose they shouse be in and you didnt give a reference. Make sur to send that in our forum thread just to let us both know. Also who would you like to do it.

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Yea I’m sorry I got kind of confused near the end, I want the girl to be on top of the guy, the scene is she run’s into him and they end up in that position, I don’t mind who does it.

I’ll probably finish it bye Saturday or Sunday. It’s just I’m kinda new to art scenes and I want to perfect this one.


@Lady_B your request is ready, please tell me if you want anything changed


I’m going to start on the next one soon.

I love it, thank you. If you want you can checkout my story when it’s ready!

Hey so who should I credit?

Me you can use amj.episode or LeahMJ it doesn’t matter.

Your request has been considered. It will be done by tommorow hopefully.

thank you!

Is it an overlay or art scene?

I think it was a splash…


@alexa_writes01 Your request has been accepted. I think you sent 2. Notify me if I’m wrong.

Here is your splash. @unifancat06 If you want anything redone tell us.


Hi people, I have news… I have a lot of stuff going on right now and am going to take a break from art requests for a while… sorry I don’t know when I’m going to be back but if you have already requested you will get your requests within the next 7 days.

@alexa_writes01 Your request will be done tommorow.