Shana Ravi's and Leah's amazing art thread (Closed to catch up!) (covers, splashes, overlays, pfp's, banners and art scenes)

The pictures of words are tattoos I would like please

Okay. I will have to look over it to approve it.

@Lady_B your request is ready, tell me if I need to change anything

@Jordan3 your art scene has been approved.

@appleqrl does unifancat06 have a specific background for the art scene?

It was actually a splash. And I finished it already.


Sorry I mean MysteriousAmaya

Light pink backround with orange lights.

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@Jennybaby57 your request is ready, tell me if you want anything changed. (I can take away the bright lighting or the sparkles.)

Credit: LeahMJ or Aleah J.

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Omg I love it ty so much. Can you give me your ig so I can credit you😊

@MysteriousAmaya your request is ready. I’m trying something new, so tell me if you want it to be different. Like color, or style.

You have Instagram. I want to give you credit


Can I request a large and small cover and some splashes if it’s not too much trouble

Yes you can. Hopefully you filled out the form a second time.

Nvm I only requested a splash

Okay. Your things will be ready in 3 days. :blush:

Thank you

Ello! I just wanna know, is my request finish yet?