Shana Ravi's coding tips

Hey guys It’s Prashansa here.
I just wanted to say I write advanced directing. So I decided to create a topic to help people out.

-You have to send me the code or show a picture or write it out so I can help you
-If it’s a scene like a party or something: tell me how many characters you want and what backround. Also you have to credit me as @prashansa60.episode
-Please be patient while you wait for a response, I will try my best to get back at everyone
-Other advanced coders please dont come into my thread and help people. I will tell if I’m hiring people to respond. To people in help




If you can could you make a police station scene?

-5 police officers
-3 “normal” characters

Have a nice day,
Maya :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I can make it. But is it ink or limelight characters.

LL, sorry. ;p

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Ok. I will get it done tonight or tommoriw morning. :blush:

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Here you go…Change it to your liking but make sure to give credit to me as prashansa60.episode
sound chatter

@COP2 spot 0.713 143 244 AND COP2 faces right
@GUY1 spot 0.686 208 251 AND GUY1 faces left
@GIRL1 spot 0.623 251 257 AND GIRL1 moves to layer 4 AND GIRL1 faces left

@pause for 2

@COP2 is listen_nod_neutral_loop AND GUY1 is talk_afraid AND GIRL1 is idle_awkward_uneasy_loop

@pause for 4

@COP3 spot 1.775 260 -375 in zone 2 AND COP3 faces left AND COP3 is idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
@COP1 spot 1.712 63 -356 in zone 2 AND COP1 moves to layer 4 AND COP1 faces right
@COP4 spot 0.614 152 295 in zone 2 AND COP4 is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear

@pan to zone 2

@COP1 is primp_neutral AND COP3 is laugh_chuckle

@COP1 is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND COP3 is talk_armraised_sad

@COP4 is read_phone_neutral_loop

@COP1 is react_gasp_dismayed

sound off
@pause for a beat

sound chatter

@COP5 spot 0.920 114 161 in zone 3 AND COP5 faces right
@GIRL2 spot 0.884 202 162 in zone 3 AND GIRL2 faces left

@pan to zone 3

@COP5 is talk_flirt_charming AND GIRL2 is flirt_shy

@GIRL2 is sing_dance_fingersnap_loop AND COP5 is react_claphands_happy

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@Jeremy please close this topic.

Can I ask a question before you close? or In PM?

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What is it?

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Can I pm it you? so it’ll be more detailed

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Sure. :blush:

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