Shane Dawson Fans?/Discussion



oof like the title says. i honestly love shane. especially his doco-series but i miss his conspiracy theories sm :frowning:


tongue pops


One of my most favorite YouTubers of all time. I have watched him consistently for years, His content keeps getting better and better.


ikr i love his content


OMG YAS :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:
Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory videos are the best :smile:


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bump i know there has to be more of his fans in this community :slight_smile:


Saw this and had to join in on the thread! I love Shane Dawson lol
His conspiracy theories are my favorite to watch. I also really like this new series he’s starting with Grav3yardgirl and Jeffree Star


ok so we pretty much no that ryland is getting hate for kicking out his sister. i think its unbelievable that all of you assume its legit and rylands idea. shane even had to EXPLAIN!!

  1. it was shanes idea
  2. shes been planning to move out for a while
  3. its apart of a docu series on rylands channel

fu fake fans


oof the docu series on jake looks real good


Oh my gosh! I know right! Like do they no understand what he’s trying to say? Ugh.


yeah… i feel like some shane fans jump into this ban-wagon of ryland using shane/hating on ryland for no reason


Yeah, or they jump so far into a conclusion that doesn’t make sense and they make them look bad and don’t even try to understand where they are coming from.


Or they will find something so small and make it a huge deal.


yeah :slight_smile: if you support shane and don’t like ryland, you should at least be somewhat nice/respectful

plus shane is so loved that he doesnt get hate for working with possibly the most hated youtuber (jake). I STAN.


Yeah. I love Ryland and Shane they are equally amazing. And talented and funny and I could go on and on. But what I don’t get is how people can’t respect them and what they want to do with their life and just keep their judge mental mouths zipped.


well some people on the internet have opinions and will run their mouths :confused:


And it’s annoying.


How did I just find this thread?


I love his videos!