Shane’s art commission shop (OPEN!)

*means no free art. paid requests only!

PRICES: (can vary)

realistic style/characters: (you choose)

outlines: $10

face/close up: $20

chest/shoulder up: $30

half body: $35

whole body: $40

+any extra/additional person/characters for face and shoulder up would be 50% half the price while the half and whole body would only cost extra $10!

+complex/drawn background: 10$ (can vary)

if you provide your own background there will be no fee for that

*this is already good/affordable price considering to what you are getting, i put A LOT of effort in my artworks, if you are not interested then do not comment anything.

-you need to send me the exact photo you want me to draw for the best results.

-the art made can be used as covers, art scenes, pfp, etc.

-no refunds are given unless i’m unable to finish the commission.

-payment will be made through paypal.

-full payment must be done before I do the commission.

-I have the right to deny the commission if I feel disrespected in any way.

examples of my artworks:

A piece would usually take me atleast 12 hours to 2 days depending on my schedule and what it is. (It would take much faster now since we’re quarantined.)

I can provide certain discounts depending on how many it is you’re commissioning me.



you can’t sell episode characters

You can’t sell episode characters even if they are drawn

You have to draw from scratch

Welp ,I don’t think it is how it works but someone can correct me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, if you write episode characters/realistic ,you choose: then it seems like your basically doing like you did here, just recolored

Oh okay now I get it, thank you <3 but I’ve seen a lot of episode artists are doing it tho? Is this just meant for the outlines?

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Can payment be done through net banking please? I don’t have PayPal account.

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You can create a paypal account by downloading it and creating an account for free. Idk how netbanking works😅

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Lots of Episode artists are taking free requests, which is allowed- I do that.
Some make people pay money for Episode-based art, which is not allowed, as stated in the rules about this kind of stuff. So if you were to do Episode art, as long as you don’t make any money off it, that’s completely fine :upside_down_face:

yeah It’s already been said , I no longer do commissions for episode characters , realistic style only

Priyansh said to me that i can join in this shop because it could help me.
So in case you need some help you can ask me, i also do commissions but I’m not so good like you on doing art works.
You are crazy talented and i can’t even be compared to you, but in case you need an help don’t esitate to contact me

If you want to see some of my artworks

Omg these are so amazing. I’m interested!