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I’ve been on your blog before, it really provides some helpful stuff- you seem really experienced. :grinning:

Prompt: After a tragic accident, you realize that you’ve died, and that you’re in the afterlife, but something is very, very wrong. You were never supposed to be there. You were never supposed to die.

feel free to correct me on grammar, I’m not the best at it, but I do try in getting better at it :sweat_smile:. This prompt came to me and I thought it would be great to add to your list!


I like that prompt! I’d consider another word for the first word because “soon” makes it seem like you’re halfway through a description and we missed the first part, but apart from that, it’s really good!


So glad I found this thread


I’m signing up for the College Days Story contest but I’m blank
So I wanted it to be something like this:

  • A spy story
  • She meets her long lost sister
  • She experiences Love,Murder and Pain

I also need a plot and a story title so I would be honoured if you could help me


Hiya! That’s interesting! How about something like this:

You always knew you were adopted. What you didn’t know, however, is that you have an identical twin sister… well, that is until a government agency captures you and accuses you of being a spy gone rogue. Now it’s your job to find your sister at a prestigious university and discover what she’s up to without alerting any of the students or staff members… before anyone gets hurt…


Your a life saver!
Do you want to be credited ?


Can you also help me on a title?


Just a story recommendation in your story/insta would be great thanks :blush: mine is The Queen of Freaks.

I love Double Agents xD because they’re twins… but I can think of some others too!


Quick writing question…

What’s the best way to write/research a culture that you want to implement into your writing but know nothing about?


of course I’m always ready for suggestions


I would start by asking questions! See if you can find someone from the culture and look it up! The internet is always a good place for some facts and information, but if you can get to a library, even better.

Split the culture into multiple areas you’d like to research: food, religion, clothing, politeness/rudeness/manners, legends, ghost stories, important locations, language, idioms…

The more you know about these, the better. Try and think outside of th box. People forget to check things like… if the same things are polite and rude in the culture. Like, in my culture, it’s rude to give someone shoes as a gift!

When it comes to language, don’t just google what the language is, google things like the grammar. See if it’s fairly similar to English or very different. Language has a massive impact on the way we think!

I think a good measure of if you’ve done enough research is if you’ve only used about 10% of your research as obvious references or examples in your story. The rest should be there to help you frame your point of view!


Thanks, I have someone helping me with the different culture I’m putting in my story, but I know I’ll have to do some research on my own! This is very helpful! :blush:


hope I’m not disturbing but can I have a variation of plots with all the genre’s so I make a final decision.


What do you mean? :blush:


Sorry for not being elaborate.
Can you make a description for a girl that’s a witch and came to earth to find the ancient ruins of her Kingdom and she finds it in a school which is called Crawford College. Her secret becomes more and more recognisable by a boy who identifies her every movement and he soon finds out she is a witch and pretends to like her just to get to know her more since she’s a descendant of the Witch Clan.
Can you also help me with a title.

  • She turns into a spy to find the ruins
  • She’s a witch from the Isorenth Dynasty
    -She tries to find love but was tricked
  • Story is fantasy
  • She uses magic to get her way sometimes
  • Moves in with her aunt but her aunt isn’t all she says she is…

And the story descriptions you put in the post above are really awesome. I was hoping I could use them for my stories and I’ll credit you of course


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Can I have a unique romance story ?


Hello!! Romance isn’t my forte but let me get a tea and see what I can do!


Its no problem at all and thank you !


You’re the most popular person in school, but you have a sad secret: you’re slowly going blind. In the hospital, you meet one of your classmates who you’d never expected to have a conversation with, let alone begin falling in love. It’s funny how things work out.

Being invisible at school is hard. No – literally invisible. Since the beginning of yor final year, you’ve slowly been slipping out of people’s visions (not that you were really there on the first place), but there’s someone keeping you from fading away completely. Someone you never noticed had a crush on you. This is fading, too, though… so you better find him before he stops liking you!

A Christmas Carol: Scrooge in High Heels. When you’re the horrible boss of a successful company, it’s easy to dismiss everyone else and force them to work on Christmas day. You’re a resident Scrooge, after all! But when three hot guys are sent your way to scare you straight, you might end up with quite a nice present this Christmas… for the first time ever!