Share a (funny) online meeting story!

It can be about you or someone you know.

My younger cousin (who’s a few years younger than me) was in her zoom class, I dunno why but she wasn’t paying attention and decided to start humming. I don’t remember why I was watching her, but I just was. The teacher then says …(lets pretend my cousins name is Emily)
“Emily mute yourself please”

I laughed…I’m so mean but I laughed.

So yeah share yours




Funny you made this thread… something happened to me today! :sweat_smile:

So, I was in a Geo class and we were close to finishing the lesson, right? Just as we were dismissed and my other classmates were thanking our teacher, I tried to unmute my mike to I could thank him for the lesson, then leave. But no, my Microsoft Teams (that’s the one we use) decided to glitch, and my mike was unmuted. It was just frozen, and even the leave button wasn’t working, so I just pressed the X. Thinking that I had exited the meeting properly by removing the page, I start listening to music and singing along. Then a few minutes later I hear my teacher going like “Jade, please exit the meeting”, then I look and see that the glitch has been fixed and I was back in my meeting :confounded: :pleading_face:.

I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life :tired_face:




Oh my gosh

Once my friend and I were messaging each other on discord and we both had our cameras off. The class had ended and we were both there And the teacher was just waiting and he was like “y’all have any uhm questions?”


:rofl: :sob:Nooooo!




I was the only one in the class while everyone was at real school, and the teacher noticed and a kid started pointing it out :flushed:

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i got bored of my class and i muted it
i was watching youtube, texting people and such
then suddenly i checked the grp chat and everyone was like “YO THE TEACHER IS CALLING U WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and i was like “oh shiz-”
i unmuted and told my teacher “sorry i lagged”
:joy: :sob: