Share and find character & outfit ideas here! Post your ideas and find awesome designs!

Do you need cool outfit or character ideas? Do you love to share your designs with the episode community? Do I sound like I’m beginning a really crappy essay? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you NEED this thread!

Ok, ok. All jokes aside, this thread is a great place to share and find character and outfit ideas. This thread could help hundreds of users who need ideas for character and/or outfit designs, and more who just like to create these characters and outfits. I have some rules for posting and using, as well as forms to fill out if you decide to post.

Rules for Posting:
1. Only post if you are okay with someone else using your designs and not crediting you
2. Please fill out the form when you do post
3. No rudeness/hate on anyone

Rules for using:
1. You may request for a custom design, but do not get angry if no one replies.
2. You may use anything in the thread
3. No rudeness/hate on anyone

Form for characters:
Screenshot of character:
Skin tone:
Hair color:
Mouth style:
Mouth color:
Eye style:
Eye color:
Brow style:
Face Shape:

Form for Outfits
Screenshot of outfit on character:
Screenshot of clothes used section:


Hello nice idea, I would love to participate ^^ tell me when you add the form :slight_smile:

oops sorry

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did it now!

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Thanks when I have outfit idea I will put it here :slight_smile:

FOR ALL ARTISTS AND ANYONE ELSE! I know I personally HATE making characters to outline because it takes so long and when I’m in the car on my phone or something and I want to edit, I can’t because I don’t have my computer to create and screenshot the characters. This thread is for sharing any characters you’ve made (preferably in a pose or with a background). Now you don’t have to make your own characters and poses but can come here to see a whole variety of pre-made characters! You can share your details, or just anything you think looks good. Here are some examples of photos that would be very useful to editors:


This thread is a way to benefit artists and also have fun. Maybe there will be small contests to encourage people to submit (ex: Best winter outfit) :smiley:



Awesome idea! I am a artist and I hate making characters!

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