Share/Ask for some art tips! 😍

Hello talented artists :heart_eyes::sparkles:
There’s a lot of new talented, creative and amazing artists and what do new artist need more then get better and make progress with their art?
So why don’t you ask for some tips in here?
Plus I know a lot of super talented artists who knows all the tricks and will love to help you!
So let’s go for it :grin:
But a few things first to make this topic an organized and helpful place! ~

• No drama please :slightly_smiling_face:
Let’s keep this topic calm :upside_down_face:

• don’t get too disappointed if you didn’t get an answer to your question :sweat_smile:

• all artists, old, new, Realistic or episode style can give or ask for tips and tricks!

• if someone gives a wrong answer please correct him calmly and don’t get mad or anything :blush:

•you can share your art as well if you’d like!

Thank you so much for wanting to help :heart:
Good luck!

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Thank for the tag :heart: ill be sure to help people where i can and id love to pick up some tips :heart::heart:


Tip for trying to find your own style:


This is something I struggled with for years and didn’t find my own until very recently.
Try to go outside your comfort zone but not too much at once. Because if you do, you might get discouraged when it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.

For example…
This is one of my first digital art pieces:

This is a mistake many beginners do, without your own style you might try to do it realistic even if you don’t mean to.

Now, this is when I tried to change small things. Notice how all of them look a bit different when it comes to style:

By doing this, I slowly started to find my own style:

With that said, don’t give up because you don’t have your own style yet. It might take years but I promise it’s worth it once you find it.


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That’s a great tip thank you :heart_eyes:


Cool thread! Thanks for the tag, I’ll gladly help if there’s any questions I can answer, or if I come up w something useful hah


Thanks for tag! I can gladly Help if anybody needs Any tips!


I suggest if you’re a beginner to look At other peoples edits/drawings for inspiration. Don’t copy them though! You can make a art folder were you have plenty of drawings saved in it. It helps a lot, trust me. And if you do Wanna try realistic art you can always start by drawings realistic eyes, drawing lips etc before you for example start drawing a face. What I did When I was a beginner was to look At a lot of tutorials and try to follow them a bit. Also if you do outlines I suggest adjusting the settings so you are able to make better and straighter lines. For example on Ibis Paint x, turn on force fade because it helps a lot. And of course experience a lot with your style. If you’re not happy with something in your drawing/Edit, try to improve it instead of just leaving it like that. Anyways, hope this helped a bit❤️


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even though I’m the last person who should be giving advice :joy:


Your art is really beautiful you can give amazing advices :heart_eyes:


Oh wait here’s a tip that most people know but don’t like the idea of :joy:
:clap: blurring/airbrushing :clap: is :clap: not :clap: the :clap: only :clap: way :clap: to :clap: shade :clap: and :clap: highlight :clap:
There are so many tools you can use don’t limit yourself to just one! even if it takes more time.
don’t get me wrong airbrush and blurring is fine but don’t use just that in your drawings (I’m guilty of this too because I get lazy :sweat_smile:) most likely the ending piece will end up looking flat :woman_shrugging: and that’s about all I got lol


A tip of mine is- dont be afraid to use loads of layers, they can help in so many ways, resizing, shading, highlighting and when you need to erase if things are on different layers youre less likely to accidentally erase a line near whatever youre erasing.
Also, negtive and positive space (which i honestly forget about but im trying to improve on😂) if your character is in the middle of the page and the surroundings are white try to make it less empty, even if its adding a circle behind the character!
Check the thumbs are on the crrect side, i see it happen a lot where artists have completed a piece with the left (for this example) palm flat, facing up but had the thumb closest to the viewer(?) When it should be on the futher side (if that makes sense)
By no means is my art amazing or even remotely decent :joy: but if anyone needs inpiration or references i will help out where i can, or if anyone would like me to essentially “review” their work, like point out anything that could be improved or that are incorrect for the human body (i cant spell the proper word ngl :joy:) such as the thumb thing i mentioned xx

just some of my art

Please dont steal, trace, copy or reuse my work in anyway as my art does take me between 5 and 24 hours (sometimes up to 72 hours), of actual drawing time, to complete. :heart:


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