Share Christmas stories here! 🎄 |2019|

Ho ho ho, everyone!

Let’s share some holiday spirit stories. You can recommend other authors’ stories or promote yours!

Let me start :smiley:
Here’s my Christmas story called “Meek and the bold”
A cozy story for your winter evening :wink:

Name: Meek and the Bold
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Ksenia.stories
Chapters published: 4 (ongoing)
Dark forces are getting stronger! In order to rescue your brother, you travel North to the Christmas town. Sounds exciting? One problem, you hate Christmas

Semi-CC, choose LI sexuality, mini-games, 2 point systems, 3 endings


Gonna put mine here when it’s ready!

(It’s a vampire, chirstmas story. But a romance and it has noting horiffic.

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That plot sound a lot like a christmas story I have been working on. (though I never heard of yours and I never talked about mine)

I always tought that I couldn’t be the only one of million people who has an idea. And so this week I bumped into a vampire story that looked like mine, however my story was never published. So I had to recode a lot of scenes.

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its weird sometimes how stories there never heard of each other look a like. there is this series called the worst witch. well there is also an anime called witch acedemy. they are basicly the same

non magical girl start at witch school. gets two friends. one who follow the rules, one who breaks them. also there is a mean blonde girl from a respectibel magic family

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Maybe that isn’t accidentally… It’s weird that a story looks that much a like…

maybe, maybe not.

The most recent one I’ve read was Christmas Joy by @ash.f.writes (that’s her IG) and it’s a short completed story :santa:t3:


Name: Under the Mistletoe
Genre: Romance
Author: Sammer B.
IG: @WrittenBySammer
Chapters published: 5
(Will be a short story with 14 episodes. The story is complete as it is a remake of my Classic Style story, which used to be called “Secret Santa”, but will be released in batches.)
Noelle knows the mysterious gifts she’s been receiving have to be from her crush. But what if they’re not? Who will be waiting for you under the mistletoe on Christmas?

Full customization. Limelight. Multiple endings.

Omg. That’s exactly like my Idea : Christmas Lore. Also with a mistletoe :persevere:

You despise Christmas Lores. But when you end up under a mistletoe and have to kiss your mysterious, not-completely-human saviour. Will things change? (Choose Love Interest gender)

No worries, I’m sure that although they sound very similar, they are also very different. Yours sounds great. :wink:

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Ohhh glad I just saw this thread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

4 chapters so far! More to come! :heart:


You’re right. We’re all unique with our own unique stories ^^

Ah my MC looks quite the same ^^


Hi there. :slight_smile:

I just published my Christmas story today. Actually it’s a special featuring my main characters of another story. :slight_smile:
I would be happy if you would check it out - maybe even both ones. :smiley:

Title: Jingle Bells - Christmas with Darryl & Oliver
Genre: Comedy
Chapters: Three (complete)
Style: Limelight
Plot: Join Darryl and Oliver from “Unexpected Daddy” on their first christmas together. Will everything go smoothly?
Cover: (due to a problem in the portal it isn’t live yet :frowning: )

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OMG THANK YOU I’ve been looking for episode Christmas stories to read all month!