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Bored… Post your edits here ppl! :grin: Only support here!

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Personalized overlay :relieved:


I did this one as a play around


I made this bright cover. It was my first cover ever so it’s kinda weird. :joy:


Made an overlay that mimicked being lost in the desert and applied it to some well placed characters


How did you do that!


I LOVE THESE EDITS!!:grinning:


Me & My Episode Bae


Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:


I used an art app called Sketchbook


If anyone wants to practice making realistic edits (probably better for limelight but could still be used for INK), I made these. You can use them to teach yourself how to do faces, tones e.t.c as they are just the basic under layers :slightly_smiling_face:


Loooove the hair
Very well drawn


I actually am willing to make that overlay for others. I have an overlay shop open. Check my bio for the link.
(Sorry for the shameless self-promo :see_no_evil:)


Cool! I’ll check it out!


I’m almost out of ideas for edits… :cold_sweat:


Thank you, I should mention that I did NOT draw the outline. All I did was add texture and colour (mostly to the first one). The outline is from a website that has very detailed step by step instructions on digital drawing.

It has lots of tutorials :slightly_smiling_face: I, however cannot draw any facial features hence why they are faceless :joy:


My first splash!


Some edits/overlays I made a couple of weeks ago:


What do you use to make your overlays rude?


The app Procreate and an Adonit Pixel Pen