Share embarrassing stories you made when you first started

I’ll go first:
“You don’t Know me” by Elaina LOL. I started this story in like 2017 (i was either 12 or 13 lol) and I had NO idea what I was talking about :sweat_smile:.


When the mobile creator was still around, I tried making a story. In maybe 3rd Grade, my teacher made up a story that had me and my best friend in it and we were detectives trying to find our class pet. So my young self decided, “Hey, let’s make this an Episode story!” YEEEEEEAH, cringe did happen!

First off, each episode was way too short! I tried making something interesting with the choices and I think I did a good job on that. But there were so little animations in the mobile creator, so I couldn’t use a looking at phone animation. At the end of the story, the main character says, “I’m gonna watch YouTube videos.” But puts the phone up to their ear like a phone call! LOL :joy:

I think I made this story in 3rd Grade because fractions are mentioned in the story and my class loved learning fractions in 3rd Grade. The story is hidden on my account, obviously. I showed this to someone before, and they said I could make a it a better story and have it published. But I don’t know bout that! LOL If you want to read it, I’ll put the link down!

I love The Case of the missing rabbit! (NO I DON’T! AND THAT TITLE CAPITALIZATION COULD BE FIXED!:sob:) Check it out!


Oh god it was a complete mess when I first started I made a story with no choices no CC, it’s called A night in paradise and it was horrible. My next story same thing and it got almost 22k reads it was called Mothers and then I made the sequel…:unamused::tired_face: Then it was Bloody Ren…

Before I knew about making choices and all that; My first couple of stories were like that. Then I started getting readers opinions on what stories they like whether they like choices and CC or whether they don’t. Now I just do both!

Btw; I’m bad with naming my stories…:pleading_face:

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My first story was back in 2016 or 2017, I was like 9 or 10, It was so bad. Ahhh I did not think the plot out at all, the spot directing was horrible and the characters had no personality whatsoever. For some reason I thought putting swear words in my episodes would make me cool. Also, not me telling the readers that my main character was going to keep the same clothes through the entire story :yum:. Yeah, I did that. I didn’t know how to have my character make choices or even change clothing. And apparently 10 year old me had no idea what the word “Affair” meant, I just saw the word in a couple other stories and thought I would put it in mine too :sob:

this story was called “Trust No One” go check it out :sob: or don’t :slight_smile:

Anyways, now like four years later, I still suck lol, BUT I know so much more now. Like making choices, spot directing and I’m even working on a new story right now. I think more on the characters personality and where I want my story to go, I don’t even plan it. I just know, I just think going with the flow is my way of writing and it seems to work out for me. I’m not good like all those big authors with their intense overlays and spot directing, but I know I have room for improvement, and I’m fine with where I am now :slight_smile:

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My first story was on the mobile creator. Looking back now, it’s awful and cringy. Going to redo it in2021.

I also have a mobile creator story.
It was like 2017, and I wrote this whole ass 28 episode story about Eminem.

That’s right.

We were childhood besties, but I got kidnapped by human traffickers, and then some hot billionaire saved me. Then I crashed into Eminem again when he got famous, and I cheated on the billionaire and got pregnant and did not know who the dad was. The traffickers found out the billionaire helped me escape, so they fought and all ended up in jail, I had a miscarriage. Billionaire got out of jail, so he and Eminem fought for me. Choice to decide who to have the ending with LOL.
I picked Eminem, and we lived happily ever after and had a wedding and dressed up in Halloween attire, he wore the demon costume, and I think I wore the angel one or some shit.


It got 900 reads, all from Stans.


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Bump bc im curious

My story… I was just having a bit of fun making it. Wasn’t serious at all with it until close to the end of it. I want to delete it, but I leave it up for the cover artist so she can get some promotion… But I’m working on a much better story now

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