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Here you can share funny screenshots you have from Episode stories! Any of them go, but if they have any sort of spoilers or cursing, I suggest you:

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Also, you can provide the story that the screenshot is from as well, like this:

(From Forced Arranged Marriage to my Gang Leader Vampire Bad Boy Boss… And I’m Pregnant! By Clarkiies)
Have fun!

Screenshots gone wrong (BUT FUNNY ONES)

that is one super long title


If really is, but it’s a comedy story parody thing, so I guess I can see why it is so long.


That title cracks me up :joy:

I have a few funny moments in my current WIP, but I don’t think they’d make much sense without context.


I’ve got some more:

(I dont remember the title)

(One of the Girls by Amberose)

(This is from My Glamorous Life I believe.)


BLmaooooo not to promote myself anything, but this is a scene from my story that I think some of u might appreciate. Maybe???



body unclear


It stands for “Work in Progress”, as in, an incomplete story that has yet to be published.


Oh. Thanks.


But I only think it’s funny because it’s a directing error in a featured story smh

(Love and War)


oh my god there are really old stories that created in mobile someone please find the screenshots they are so funny


That’s from my story Santa’s Naughty List but I had to share that because It was so fun doing that:joy:


LMAOOOO im gonna read this story just for this


Good luck :joy::joy::joy:


I only have screenshots from my own stories on my laptop, but here we go:

(For reference: Altair is just talking about an ordinary doctor.)


I found another, this time from Dirty Sexy Teenagers


From To Love And Be Loved by @SteeleMagnolia


I love your evan!


Thank you! I’m absolutely loving the story. ^^


I have improved so much! Thank you for supporting me from the start. I revamped the early Evan and Lauren scenes to reflect later character development and make Evan’s attraction to Lauren and subsequent struggle to control it more obvious.