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Every one, I’m a new writer!
I just wanted share my little story!
I would love read your storys too!
Fell free to share here :orange_heart::orange_heart:



Hey! Thanks for making this thread!!! :slight_smile: I’ll get to your story when I get the chance. Here’s my story if you’d like to read:

Title: Stuck in the Middle
Author: Steph
Style: Ink
Genre: Action/Comedy
Chapters: 7 (ongoing)
Description: Skyla is a graffiti artist on her own until she gets stuck in the middle of two rival gangs! Action, comedy, and a wee bit of romance. Can you handle all that?


Hello, this is my first story, all feedback is welcome. This is a short story about Megan Sinclair and her group of friends having a night out on the town. What could possible go wrong?
1.” To the Night”
2. Megan Beard
3. 5 episodes O

4. Comedy
5. Ink
Thanks :blush:


Here are my stories:

Title: Projection!
Author: Karlon Artis
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?

Title: Publicity Problems
Author: Karlon Artis
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight
Description: Samantha Xanders struggles with her fame after receiving unwanted publicity. Can she overcome the challenges of stardom?

Instagram: @kartis.episode


Title: Mad Love
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Author: Akanksha S.
Style: Ink
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Description: One day, you wake up and your mom is gone. Will you be able to find her in time and also true love along the way?


I would love to do a read4read. So if you’re interested in reading a story with the perfect combo: romance and mystery, check out my story Mad Love! I would appreciate it a lot! Feel free to dm me on Instagram or private message me here. Thanks :heart:


Here’s my story! I’ll appreciate if you give it a read!

Author: Mary M.
GENRE: Drama
Style: INK
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Description: Emilia thought she would finally stop being in troubles after moving to a new town but it was without counting the quarterback of her new school, it was only starting.
Instagram: @mary.episode


Hi, this is my story :relaxed: :sparkles:
Please let me feedback and let me know if you find errors, so I can improve :sparkling_heart:
TITLE : The sound of love
GENRE : Romance
DESCRIPTION : A fleeting exchange of looks will change your life forever. Will a popstar win your heart? Customize characters.
EPISODE : 5 (Ongoing)
INSTAGRAM : @thesoundoflove_ep


Title: Gone Rogue
Author: Soph :wilted_flower:
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4 (4 just released!)
Description: Rose, aka “Rogue” : undefeated bare-knuckle boxer at The Bloody Knuckle for the past three years, crosses paths with the dangerous new owners. What happens when they need her help?
Style: Ink
Read for Read: Yes! (DM on instagram if interested)
Instagram: @sophy.episode


Hi, thank you for making this thread. :blush:
I’d like to read yours, DM me if you are interested.
Here is my story, I hope you enjoy it! :grin:

Name of story: A Royal Arrangement
Author: Bells.C
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
Summary of story: Being a Princess has its expectations but what happens when those expectations change completely?
Link to story:
Thank you in advance!:blush::two_hearts:


Hi I will gladly read you story here’s mine if you’re interested

GENRE: Romance/Fantasy
STYLE: Limelight
EPISODES: 3 (Ongoing)
DESCRIPTION: A normal girl life turns upside down when a couple of gods ask her for help. Her objective is to return them to the heavens, but some obstacles may get in the way



Great thread! Here’s my story information, if you’d like to do a read for read!

Title: Melodrama
Author: Spring D
Number of Episodes: 3 (on going!)
Genre: Drama
Art Style: Ink
Description: Steph’s life seems to be looking up! She just got accepted into an acting school run by Elena Hunter, a really famous actress!
But when Steph’s friend goes missing and other strange things happen, it’s time to take lights, camera… ACTION!
And trust me, it’s not easy to find a criminal in an acting school!

Hope you guys read my story, give it a chance and enjoy it!


Hey everyone!

I’d like to promote my story called Upside Down here.
Below you can find the information you need to try it out.

Author: Alphan
Story Title: Upside Down
Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery
Style: INK
Story Description: June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?
Story Link:
Instagram: alphan.episode

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to contact me or for sneak peeks of the story!

I’m up for read for reads as well, contact me on Instagram for that, please! :wink:



NAME: Mr Bad Boy and Mrs Bad Girl
DESCRIPTION: Your the most powerful gang leader. Your going on an undercover mission to kill your BIGGEST rival. Will love get in your way? (Character Customisation)
CHAPTERS: 3 and to be continued
GENRE: Action
INSTAGRAM: hx.episode

be sure to send fan mail and tag me on screenshots


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I love that there is a post like this in the forum!

Here’s my story:

Title: The Getaway Girl
Author: Miss H.M

Genre: Thriller (Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Fight, Heartbreak, Mystery, Romance, Revenge, Strong Female Lead, Suspense and a dash of comedy for good measure)

Style: Ink

Description: After a harrowing event, Sienna is forced to run. A chance encounter with her past and a mysterious man. Will she keep running or is the taste for revenge just too sweet?

Episodes: 3 (more to come)



Mate Bond
9 chapters out now!!
Instagram: Mate_Bond or zombie_laurenn

" Everyone want to find their mate, But I don’t."


Title: Captivity

Episodes: 7 (More coming soon)

Style: Ink

Description: Looking at her parents love life Sidney swore she’d never fall in love. What happens when her brother Grady’s bestfriend moves to town and they cross paths?

Genre: Drama (Romance)

Instagram: @andrea.b_episode



Hey sweety how do I share my story here? So I copy my link from the writer portal?


Hey :wave:t4: :relieved:

Here’s my story:
Title: Prominent Gift
Author: Gia Morina
Genre: Fantasy/Werewolf/Drama
Description: Kidnapped at 16, Piper finally escapes after three years. She finds herself in the home of the soon to be Alpha King. What happens when her kidnappers come looking for her? How long can the Alpha King keep her protected?
Number of Episodes: 4 (Ongoing)
Instagram: gia.writes
Link to Story:

I really appreciate if you check out my story. Thank you :heart:


Hey, can you please read my story? _

Title: Romantic Cruise
Author: Lawful Evil
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 4 [Completed] 2 endings
Description: You break up with your cheating boyfriend and go on a cruise. What will happen if you meet a mysterious dangerous man? Customize Characters

Give me some feedback plz :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! This is my first story, id really love if you’d check it out and leave me some feed back!

Malikai’s the bad boy, trouble maker. Katherine is a nobody. What happens when he sets his sights on her? Can he save her?