Share some weird random fact you know!

Hi people!
So today I feel like i wanna learn something weird and new, so I am giving you a challenge!
Give me a random weird fact that would (in ur opinion) make someone amazed!
Well here’s my one…
Did you know that hippos have pink urine?!
Alright! Amaze me…
BTW the 3 best ones will receive a special prize…


Raspberry and strawberry flavoring used to be made from beaver anus glands, I dont think it is now. Coca cola and most other sodas was original made for medical purposes, like stomach aches.


I’ve got a few facts! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

  • In England, 1644 the puritan-dominated parliment banned christmas, and many other leisure based activities on a sunday because it was the “holy day” - this was the only thing I learned in history class this term!

  • Your kidneys can only get rid of about one litre of water an hour, so technically… if you drank more than that… you would die? - I discovered this fact when I thought I was going to be sick because I drank so much tea!

  • No number from 1 to 999 includes the letter “a” in its word form, e.g three, hundred and forty two. - The maths teacher told me this in my first year of high school!


Goosebumps are suppose to ward off predators :open_mouth: I don’t even know if this is true lol!


Millard Fillmore lowered the price of the postage stamp.

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In south korea, there is an emergency number 113 to report spies There is a Mcdonald’s in every continent except antarctica

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  • If every human on earth lived in the same density as New York, we could all fit into the state of Texas. :v:t2:
  • Japan has fish flavored ice-cream.
  • If we took out one person’s red blood cells and lined them all up, they’d reach the moon and halfway back.

Did you know that you can eat garlic through your feet? I heard that rubbing it against your feet will cause the smell of it to travel to the back of your throat, and right there, you will be able to smell it. (Or something like that :sweat_smile:)

You have enough saliva to fill up at least 2 pools.

Your boobs may look like the same size, but one is actually slightly bigger than the other (more fat in one)!

Okay, this fact isn’t that weird, but I like it.
The directors of the film Despicable Me actually wrote their own language for the Minions called Minionise.
I wanna learn Minionise :pleading_face:


Kangaroos have 2 uteruses and are able to suspend their pregnancy.


Finally I can put my knowledge to use

Sometimes, when bored, octopuses bite their arm off (dw it regrows🙂)