Share something you did for your story that you're proud of

Whether it’s a scene that you spent forever coding, a cover or art scene that you dedicated hours to, an overlay you intricately cut out, or a character/outfit that inspires you, I want you to share something you did for your story that you’re proud of!

I’ll start with my (unpublished) story intro that I literally spent 6 hours on (making the edit and the overlays). I redid the cover because I thought the first one was super grainy and fuzzy, and I made my own overlays!


Here’s the OG cover (left) next to the new one (right):

And here’s the intro if anyone is interested:
SAGE INTRO - Google Drive

I want to know what thing you did for your story that you’re proud of!


I made an Epigram post (using a template from @/GalaxyWolfWrites) and I swear it took 5 years off my life.

Spoiler if you haven't read chapter 9 of Aren't You Scared? I guess LOL


That’s awesome! And it turned out really well :blush:


im close to finishing and mustering enough courage to publish my first story. I’ve literally been working on it for the past 2ish years.:sob:


also this looks awesome! what program did you use?


Coding this wedding scene im proud of myself it’s beautiful.

Improving on directing, overlays and zooms something to be proud have came a long way but i would do it all over again lol it’s fun and stressful but the end result are worth it.


Thats awesome! I’m in the same boat. Been working on my story for a while but haven’t found the motivation to finish and the courage to publish :sweat_smile: I’m proud of you for getting this far!

As for the programs I used, I used a combination of Photo Editor : Pixlr E - free image editing tool on my laptop to cut out the characters and ibisPaintX on my phone for the details (like the glow, shadows, etc.) They’re both free, too!


Dude this scene looks awesome! Spot directing is the bane of my existence, so I’m super impressed with this scene. I agree that the results are worth it. Nothing feels better than looking at your scene in the previewer and being genuinely impressed with yourself.


ahh thank you! you can do it! what’s the title I would love to do a r4r when I publish, if you’re down!


The title is Sage! It’s not gonna be published for a while, but I’ll def let you know when it is!


kk thank youu!


I’m really proud of my advanced directing and my point systems, but other than that I’ve been doing a lot of backgrounds for my story and I’m loving them so much!!! Here’s some examples :blob_hearts:

My BGs

One I’m also particularly proud is this one I did a script template for an Epiflix scene where the readers could choose what show to watch and there was a little scene and everything!



I uploaded an overlay (a postcard) for a sci-fi dystopia I was writing, but episode didn’t approve because of “nudity”. Which is odd, because I only imitated a Renaissance painting (The Birth of Venus from Botticelli), plus I covered the critical parts. I worked really hard with this edit, and I was so sad because I couldn’t use it, so I hope I don’t get banned because of this post.

*UEHS= United Empire of Homo Sapiens


Those backgrounds are beautiful that’s impressive especially epiflix that’s so cool


Jeez that looks amazing! I’m sorry you couldn’t use it for your story :sob:


That’s beautiful wow!!


Thank you so much!!! :pleading_face: :two_hearts: the Epiflix was a lot of fun to make, especially for the tv show scenes haha


I’m learning how to draw realistic to semi-realistic. So I’m spending a while on that as there’s a certain look I’m going for. I’m proud that I learned how to draw a dragon. (And the re color the same one 4 times in ibis paint x because I was to lazy to re-draw it, so now the whole dragon family is always going to look angry and be flying (yeah).) Something I’m currently proud of is I’m learning to draw side view (flat), since I’m trying to draw the Mac’s and Li’s first meant because episode has g*ns but no pepper spray, like… :flushed:. So now I have (want to) draw that. (I suck at lips so I luckily got the “artists” of the family to draw it for me)

-i guess learning to draw realistic-semi realistic for me

Speaking of which this is the lady (Aka the Li), now I have to do the MC:


I coded a “livestream” scene where the MC is watching the LI go live and answer questions. I coded it so that the comments scroll up on the screen as he’s answering his followers’ questions:

I also made an Epigram profile for him (using the template from @/MiraTimesTwo):

And in the same chapter, I uploaded a series of overlays of an AC remote control going from 22°C to 17°C, because there’s a scene where a character turns down someone’s AC in order for them to get sick.


Gosh there has been so many things that I did that I am proud of from my stories! Well one of them my friend kait from the community made for me and that was a game menu as seen here



In my opinion it turned out really great the way kait did it for me! And she sent me all the right coding for it to actually work, it didn’t work so well at first but when I found out what was wrong with it as to why it wasn’t working and I did get it to work I was so happy and amazed it worked and I still love this game menu for it!