Share songs you've written (2)

Another thread to share songs you’ve written, because the previous one got closed due to inactivity. Bonus points if you have sheet music.

Here are my songs. Sheet music is included in links below. Feedback is welcome.


Life of a Night Owl

The Good Things

Getting Up Early

Be There

The Wrong Reasons

And here’s my newest song that I just wrote:



Hello fellow songwriter!!

Got a few tunes out on spotify if you wanna have a listen. Just search Josie Jackson - Walking in the Shadows

Also writing a soundtrack for my current story too :+1:t2:


WOAH! You both are so cool! I am in awe :scream: I play clarinet but the fact that you two actually write songs is so cool!! Keep it up


I’m back with a new song. Link is below.

In Her Arms

This song is by far the most difficult song I have ever written. It took me a long time to determine the exact rhythm of the chorus, and a longer time trying to match the verses and bridge with the chorus. It took longer than expected to write this song, and it was painful (considering I almost scrapped this idea), but I finally finished it. Anyway, let me know your thoughts if you give it a listen.


I listened and it was really good! You’re really talented

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Thank you. :blush:

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Of course :slight_smile:


I’m back with a new song. Here it is below.

The Thrill of the Chase

This was for my vocals project!!! It’s a rock ballad!!


More songs coming soon.

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Ooooo! A fellow woodwind!

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It sounds really good. It gives me a sort of dreamlike vibe. You’re doing great!

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Thanks. :blush:

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Ooh! What do you play?

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I like your song

I m too working on it written some songs and I m gonna share it soon

The flute.

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