Share stories you love and would recommend!

Hi everyone! :wave:t2: :blush:

I would like to start this thread to help and support fellow writers!

Now as a writer and reader myself, I enjoy a good, well-written story - like many others. So if you’re a reader, writer or both, and you have a few stories you’d recommend then share them down below!

NOT to be confused with “Share your story,” I have a different topic for that one which you can check out here: Share your story!

Now, we’re here to be positive and supportive! The rules are simple, simply share the story

Author name,
Their social media account : Instagram, facebook, twitter.
Cover of the story
Status and episode numbers.

This way, we can all support writers! And also see new stories we’ve never read before! :heart_eyes:

Enjoy! :kissing_heart:

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dead 7 by kayla sloans i love that author!


I recently finished that one and omg I love her sense of humor! :joy:

The Transformation by Sandra G (@sandrag.stories) and Me+Three by Saylor (@saylor.writes) :slight_smile:
**Both usernames are intagram handles

How to be funny by Kayla Sloans. I LOVE her stories. specially HTBF. it gives me such a wholesome vibe

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