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So,I was thinking that many authors are facing writers block and doesn’t have any ideas to start a story,begginers who is inspired to write but don’t have any idea thats why if u guys have any idea about any plot which u don’t want to use or have no time to use pls feel free to share in this thread so that it could help others…If anyone uses this ideas they have to credit the person who thought it :blush::blush:

So ya guys if u have any ideas pls write down so that it could help many other authors who are out there


Alicia has always been bullied about being different. What happens when the one person in her life who she thought loved her died right before her eyes? Time for a little change.

More details: Alicia can either be bald or plus size.
Her BFF, died in a car accident
Alicia is Bi, and has 1 female LI and 1 male LI
Age: 20

You can credit using my Fourm name

Idea 2:

Alumbia has always felt a strong connection with the ocean. When she sets off on an adventure with her crew, we’ll what can go wrong?

Alumbia is a ship captain
She gets caught in a storm and gets saved by the waves.
It turns out that she’s magical.
Age: 19
Nationality: African American

Idea 3:

All that Markos ever wanted to do was to find love. When he does, well… it’s very unexpected.

No specific plot line.
Age: 22

Idea 4:

For all of her life, McKenzie O’Neal has wanted to feel special. When she meets that certain someone on a business trip, well… that’s another story.

1 LI(Male)
Age: 29


Thanks for sharing :blush::blush:

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Hi! Thanks for doing this. I have a thread that could be helpful, I share a lot of ideas and I even have a drive document.

Please let me know if you don’t like it when people share links, I’ve been flag before so I will delete my reply in case you ask me :((

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No Its alright :blush:

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