Share unpublished story ideas, and get feedback!


So I think that it’s always cool to see what people plan to write and give feedback, as well as get feedback on my own ideas!

I started this thread so that people (new authors or returning authors) can share their story ideas and get feedback or suggestions on how to improve.


This thread has an honor code: anyone who reads these cannot copy or steal ideas from any writers who post here. You are trusted with information that has not been published.

Thank you! Enjoy the thread!


So I will start:

Title: Not My Son

A guy named Ashton wakes up hearing the sound of a baby crying. He walks to the entrance of his apartment, only to find a baby boy in a crib at his front door. He has no idea who could have dropped off this baby. Now, his challenge is finding the parents.


Did you watch the serie Baby Daddy??? :smiley:
It’s an American sitcom and your idea made me think of this (It’s a good show lol)


I haven’t! That’s funny though. haha, maybe I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:


Loll but your idea is different because in the show, the mother leave the baby to the entrance of his apartment (and never comeback)! he has to raise her with his brother and his friend haha


Love the idea of yours , seeing forward to read it😉
Here is mine
Title —> Style’s collision

A crazy author who just start write because she has nothing to do , wants to write a clinch romantic story , but the characters (main only) doesn’t support her idea , so they try to find a way (which is adventure) and after adventure , the CHARACTERS GODS let them Choose – did they want writer to forget about that story ? , Or they like the way she have idea , it have 2 endings, like —> if they choose to forgot the story , Author goes for deleting characters , so character just do something and make it clinch,romance again
And other one—> the Author just turns her thaught because she was bored , and make main character kill each other
Would love to listen your thaughts before writing :wink: (she is ink and he is limelight)


omg I finaly got the best idea I don’t want to spoil it but something happens to my character and she gets amnesia this actually fits perfectly into my story because of how the scene I have is


I saw that sitcom it’s amazing :grin:
Dont have a title yet
Woman who works in army comes back home and has PTSD. She can’t let her husband in. And it will basically be about how she recovers.
But this will need a really good research, maybe even help from someone who knows someone who has been through something like this


Haha I agree (for the sitcom) :slight_smile:
The idea is really interesting! Love it :smiley:
Sadly, I don’t know anyone who got PTSD :confused: Maybe you can create a new thread about that!


Well I am working on another story right now :blush: but I will definitely create a thread about that in the future


You story sounds unique and interesting!
I think that if you research PTSD and make sure it doesn’t offend any readers who may be affected, you story will draw in a lot of people!


Thank you :blush: yes it will require a deep research


I am working on two stories right now!

1: A group of friends are turned into creatures with magical powers. They have to focus on balancing their powers and their life without letting one side tip over. Style: Ink
2: Breeze, a young girl with depression, wants to balance her emotions to become happy before she explodes. Style: Limelight