Share ur weirdest dream

So i have really crazy dreams and i almost always remember them- can anyone relate? If so, tell me ur weirdest dreams, bc dreams are cool and i’m bored. I can’t think of a really crazy one to start off with but if i do later i’ll add it.


I remember having a dream about a bunch of warriors. I was the leader and the only female there until some Red bearded guy took over. Then he made them go against me and they stabbed me an threw me off a cliff.

Once I had a dream, where I was planning on how to conquer the world, like really planning. There was a big globe, with lights and stuff. Dream ended with me deciding to take over the Lithuania first.


Where to start? :thinking:

Trust me, I’ve had the weirdest dreams.

I dreamt I was shopping with my mother & my sisters when suddenly there was an earthquake. The floor of changed into a black hole and I got sucked into an alternate universe. The bar was filled with mostly bikers & this one dude had a crush on me. This girl at the bar was jealous at me, we got into a fight, and I won in the end. Long story short, we ended up watching Netflix (without the girl).

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Hahahahahahahha isn’t it great I remember all my dreams… well… where do I start?..

My weirdest dream was off of me and my family Running from a load off typhoons that were heading towards us and then all off a sudden Were all wearing cupcake Shirts And the typhoons Go away Like they were protecting us? lol it felt so surreal :rofl: :joy:

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It’s take your kid to work day, and my Mom takes me into her new job. We go into an elevator, the walls are a deep red velvet and there’s this butterfly painting. It’s wings look like they have eyes, and it looks menacing in a way. As we wait in the elevator, more people come in, except they’re monsters. Monsters like minotaurs, werewolves, and some I can’t even describe. The light cuts off for a moment, and when it cuts back on my Mom is smiling at me creepily. The butterfly’s eyes glow red and the monsters start laughing. Then I wake up. I’ve had this dream EVERY year since I was 5…


Soo I had one today! Basically I was at my cousins house and there was a robber at the door, everyone was freaking out but idk why he had a police officer with him? And so i’m seeing this but like somewhere else there are two unknown characters the lady sort of looks like the lady in law of order? So the man is unknown looking? So back at the house with a robber he keeps banging on the door like “open up!” at the same time we’re getting ready to go to the mall or something. We all had money soooo. Then it skips to him being arrested? Ik what a rip off and then the lady who looks like the l&o girl says “I know i’m not supposed to but…” and then she shoots the robber and I woke up


I dreamt that my cat Mr Squishy was killing everyone and no one would believe me bc fat lil Mr Squishy would never kill anyone :pleading_face:
My dream ended with just me and Mr Squishy left, he then ate my hand and that’s it.
I can’t remember anything else, other than my obese cat being a secret murderer who likes eating hands :pouting_cat:


all these are so weird lol. i used to have lucid dreams and those were fuuun, like i was running from my teacher and then i stopped and was like wait… it’s a dream, i can kill him, so i tried to like fight him but then i woke up


K, this is really weird.

So you know those game servers that you just play with a bunch of different people, and it’s online and you just play a bunch of minigames?

Ex: Minecraft servers

It was almost exactly like that, but in real life and with “real” people.

We were playing this hide and seek game in this big huge mansion. There were a lot of different rooms with different themes and stuff.

We all got spawned in the area and had a certain amount of time to find a hiding place! But there was nearly nothing! Except one room that had this fake fire stuff and bushes that you could hide in, there was this walkeway in the room with fake plants, fake bushes, and even fake fire, to hide behind.

Problem was, everyone hid in that room, and I’m saying “hid” loosely because the room was SOOO packed, but nobody would move.

Now, my brain added something in this to make it into a story.

SO, we were hiding from this super evil villain that would probably kill all of us if he found us, so there was a sense of urgency in the game.

But then me and this other girl (My best friend in the dream) just literally gave up and decided to go up to the villain and tell him that this was happening, unfairly, and we’d need to re-do the game.

So we went down the stairs to where he was shouting his death threats if he found us, and we went up to him like:

Sorry, the game is kinda ruined, they are hiding in the other room.

He literally stopped being a villain as if he forgot and he sighed and was like;
Ok, we’ll see what we can do about it.

Then we went up to him calmly to the room with the fake forest in it and the fake garden walkeway with the fake fire.

Then, he became the villain again and started zapping people and they disappeared.

He did nothing to me, which was great.

THEN we got teleported to another area of the mansion for another game. This time, we were hiding as objects, we’d pick an object to hide as, then, when we picked our objects, the object name would be on our shirt, and then we’d walk calmly down to the lobby, where we waited, and if we got caught, it would say so on the shirt.

Weirdest part of the dream:
So, again, it was hard to find a place to hide! I found this one room and I liked things in it, it was a kitchen, but then I wanted to check the other rooms, so I went to another room, and I found a good room, but there were other people in it, and they would see me picking!
Because the time went out when I went into that room, and the seekers in there would see me picking, so quickly and quietly I found this little tiny thing, and tried to put it into this little pink stuffed animal bear’s mouth, but then it came alive and turned into a baby and started crying, then I put it into it’s pocket, saying that this was a treasure that it had to keep safe for me.

This seeker saw me and the second I walked out the door the big FOUND appeared on my black shirt, and I wouldn’t be able to make it to the other rounds. I was disappointed, but then I just went down to the lobby where the food was, and tons of tables were set up for all the people playing.

I sat with a group that was doing really well in the games, and they accepted me onto their team.

That’s all I can remember lol.

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I was just doing the laundry and BAAM, I suddenly remembered my weirdest dreams.

I once had a dream that 6IX9INE (who looked like a mix of Lil Pump & 6IX9INE) was my neighbor and that I was somehow invited to his pool party.

So I’m sitting in the hot tub, enjoying the party & he’s giving me the dirtiest look. As I’m ignoring his death stairs & dirty looks, he suddenly starts to make out with this random girl right in front of me. He was literally eating her face. Me being disgusted and annoyed, start to complain and stuff. As he’s ignoring me to death, I decided to leave the party.

The next day there’s another pool party and I’m invited again. Instead of going straight to the hot tub like last time, I get a drink first. As I finish my cup, I start to throw up.

Realizing 6IX9INE x Lil Pump poisoned me, I got furious. The other guys at the party start whistling and chanting, probably because they thought me getting angry was hot :woman_facepalming:.

Once of 6IX9INE x Lil Pump’s best friends then tells me 6IX9INE x Lil Pump’s messing with me because apparently, he had a crush on me. gross

I woke up shortly after that.

So I’ve had a lot of weird & creepy/scary dreams, and I would love to mention a bunch but it’s too much so I’ll go with one that I had just last night, here it is:

I had a dream where I changed my name to Paige.

I don’t know why it was Paige. Never met a single person named Paige.


Well, I had a dream that there was this snake lady (similar to Medusa) who’s wedding i got invited to (at my fave vacation spot, which was why I came), well her fiance ditched her mid-ceremony because the snakes kept staring at hissing at him.

She then got back together with her ex that she found in the bushes :upside_down_face:

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K, you won the weird award :speak_no_evil::joy:

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You ready? Okay.

My family and I were at a theme park, but the theme park had a (sort of) zoo in it. A monkey had escaped from its enclosure and started babbling to us. I was eating chips (french fries) and it stole them from me and ate them. I tried to get them back, but it just ate them all. Then it found a spider crawling on my little sister, who screamed because she doesn’t like spiders. So the monkey ate the spider. We all cheered. The monkey then had an anaphylactic reaction. It rolled around on the ground and started to choke. Somehow, my dad saved it. We all cheered.


I was at a party with my colleagues. And everyone has a partner to dance with, except me. And I got angry and left the party to go home. And when I reach my apartment, there was this guy in my room, but he was a guy I never meet in real life. He told me that he want to go out with me and that he liked me etc etc.

But the weirdest part is the next day. I wake up (irl) and I had to go to the mall, so i took the bus. Well, in the bus stood exactly the guy that i dreamed about the night before.

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So not in my dream; We were just saying “blue” in school, just bc why not and it got to my head,
When I have my dream; I just see blue, nothing else, just blue :large_blue_circle: