Share ur weirdest dream

I had a weird dream an alien with many eyes kicked me out of the house and took over :scream:

Honestly, idk what the heck is going on but lately I’ve been having a lot of nightmares :dizzy_face: I’m almost scared to sleep :sweat_smile:

I had another weird dream where my friend was kissing this anime dude. Then a whole bunch of shoes just scattered out of nowhere and it changed to a dream of the liars from pll. I was one of them and then my best friend turned out to be A. The next thing I knew was that I was getting married to the anime dude and I didn’t want to. So I forced Spencer from pll to object to the wedding and luckily we didn’t have to marry. Last thing I knew was that Regina George was in my bedroom singing “You Belong With Me,” by Taylor Swift. Then I woke up and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t want to leave my bed. This happened two years ago.

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I dreamt Limony Snickit was describing why free ways are bad, then he started doing the dances from episode. The rest of the dream was him describing what’s bad about the scenes flashing behind him. It’s not the weirdest but it’s the only one I’m comfortable sharing.

I have dreams about the future all the time and it comes true

I can also always run into the woods to wake up

I have this one dream that haunts me . Not quite as scary but a little more weird. I’m at a camp( one I always go to w/ my family) and the horse carriage comes by. Basiclly the jist is if you don’t get on George Washington staples your hand, but if you get on he staples your hand. I stood on the steps and tried to tell people not to get on or to get on. It’s not even creepy but I remember telling it to my mom the first time I had it and crying

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Geez that’s equally terrifying :grimacing:

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I’m running along a HDB corridor on the 9th floor in a red dress and the concrete floor was moving like the ocean waves…or felt like it and my vision was blur or those bubble like type of vision…I even felt the fear and myself rushing running and then the dream change and I was on the top of a feris wheel with a balloon. I think something was coming after me I’m not sure what and I jump off from the top of the feris wheel and landed on the grass ground on my back. Weird it felt like I just landed on my cushion bed…no broken bones or anything. Next thing I know I woke up…

Right away - even captured

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I had this dream where I went to school in a bulldozer, wearing a demonic Tinker Bell outfit, and these red eye contacts. (which was really specific) Idek why tf I could ever dream something like that…

Don’t ask. :sob: :joy:

That was a nightmare//strange dream I had 2-3 years ago, and I still remember it.

I had a dream that some random guy and justin bieber got into a fight over a ghost and the random guy won the ghost. The ghost ended up being Cher Horowitz and then the whole dream turned into Clueless, except this time with the random guy as Dionne and JB as Tai. Then these two people started singing the ABC song.

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Yesterday, I dreamt that I run away with my neighbour’s puppy and married him.

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