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Hi guys! For the first time I decided to make a video trailer for my story Loving You Again.

This is my trailer: LINK

What do you guys think of it?

Also, share your video trailers! I would like to watch some!


How did you make it? It was sooo good! I’d love to read the story! :slight_smile:


I can’t deal, this… is the cutest thing I have ever seen… in my life. :blush::blush:


I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC :blush::blush: And thank you!


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is discussing video and not images. Thanks! :peace_symbol::v:


Oops, I didn’t know that. Thank you!


It’s amazing! I have to read that :smile:


I hope you enjoy my story if you ever get to read it :smiley:


I’m so gonna read you story!:heart_eyes:


I hope you like it!!!


I’ve already added it to my favorites. :kissing_heart: