Share What You Like and What you don't like about Stories!

I am writing at the moment My new Story,
and i need to know what y’all like and don’t like about Stories,
so that I can write my story accordingly!

Please share your opinions!

If this flopps, you never saw anything! :speak_no_evil:


Here’re the things I like and don’t

Things I don’t like:

  • Bad/Popular LI + Good/Unpopular MC Romance
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Cliche Stroyline (x → Lovers → Argument (Or jealous ex) → Breakup → Happily Ever After)
  • Pregnancy after Breakup
  • Ending with a marriage
  • Bullied MC

Things I like in a story:

  • Advanced Coding
  • Special or unexpected changes
  • Choices that matter
  • Slow moving relationships
  • One or Two LIs
  • LBGTQ+
  • No wait
  • No gem choices (If it’s important to the story line)

These are my opinions

And I don’t care if anyone who reads has a problem with my opinion so just ignore it


Hey ThatsWhatsSaraWrites,


  • Surprising storyline (something you don’t expect);
  • Advanced coding (so, you see the writer takes the time for his/her story);
  • Slow burning relationships;
  • Interactivity with the reader → get the reader ‘s*cked’ weird sentence but you get my point :wink: into the story;
  • I agree with @v.h_episode → LGBTQ+, No wait and No gem choices;


  • Too many black screens (get me on my nerves…);
  • Authors character takes half of the time of the storyline (I get it… You may have your own character → I have that too… But not in every episode half of the story time.;
  • Too many LI’s → I prefer 1;
  • One whole episode for only CC;
  • Mean girls and creepy ally guys popping out of nowhere → little too cliche;
  • Bad grammar and spelling → I am not a native English speaker, but I check my spelling during coding;
  • Wrong layering → like people walking through each other or kissing the wrong way :woman_facepalming:t2:;
  • Toxic relationships, violence against the LGBTQ+ community and/or racism;
  • Entering and exiting left or right → go from spot to spot… It’s irritating and weird if you see in a story a kid entering and exiting, while they grow if the leave or shrink into the spot.

If you’d like some more advice PM me over here or DM me at Instagram @angelwings_1983

Love A-W


Things I love.
good directing.
slow burn.
characters with personality

Things I hate.
stupid codeing mistakes like faceing the wrong way, charactire first on screen a second after the scene has started speechbubbel in a wrong place, wrong layers.

to much narration,

gem choices

author characters who show up and explain stuff, or just make stupid jokes or whatever.

CC only chapter

a choice there is not a choice, like a or b you pick b but are still forced to do a. or choices there is pick a or b, pick B been told be is wrong and have to re-pick

long clothing choices where they zoom, walk in and off screen

guys who sleep with other girl just to tell her to F off after because he loves MC. hate those guys so much.


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Is it okay, if the author only appears in the first chapter, to explain some stuff?
Thank you for answering.

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Things I like:

Good grammar
Advanced directing
One LI
Slow burn
Unique storyline
Interesting description

Things I dislike:

When the customization/outfit choices take 50 years to show. Like the customization dialouge resets everytime or the character walks into the screen. Outfit has the putting on clothes animation or panning up the whole body.

Small talk like “Hey!” “Hey.” and talking about random shit

Possesive and annoying LIs

If the MC and LI meet each other for the first time and suddenly they’re in love and getting married a week later or something.


If your description is like Bella Has A Troubled Past that She Tries to Get Away from. What Happens When She Meets a Mysterious Boy
I literally won’t read it. Bad grammar and kinda cliché.


I dont think there is a good reason to make an author character other, than you wanna put yourself into the story, which I dont recomand.

You can say what you wanna say with narrattion. or a Q and A at the end. nothing is so importent that the author itself needs to be on screen explaning it.

what do you wanna say, sorry this is my first story this is not good sorry, if you wanna say sorry for your story dont publish. and fix it instead.

this story have no CC, this story has art scenes , this story use sound, warning this story has something triggering.

all of that can be narration.

wanna say thank you for people trying out your story, again can be narration, and is best added at the end of the chapter.

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Things I like-
Slow burn stories.
Caring Li’s who respects the MC.
Representation of different culture’s with the correct info and not the wrong info anything.
Advanced Coding.
Good Cover.
Art Scenes that have some quality.
No gem choices. (Except support the author)
No skip the wait, blah blah option.
A good plot.
Things I hate-
Toxic LI.
Innocent MC who will do anything for the LI.
Mafia stories.
Gem choices massively affecting the plot.
Cliche plot, for example, the MC hates the LI but then falls in love.
LI treating the MC like sh*t.
Horrible grammar.
Basic coding.

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Things I like:

  • Funny, comedic moments that are spontaneous and not forced
  • A sweet LI
  • An MC that I can relate to
  • Good cliffhangers that make me want to read the next chapter
  • When authors balance perfectly the drama, romance, mysteries, and comedy in the story, even when it doesn’t belong to that genre but they still include a mixture of different ones
  • Stories that focus on family relationships and friendships
  • “Unlikely” friendships, where the friends are total opposites and might not even get along at first, but then end up bonding and have the strongest friendship ever later on
  • Representation of different cultures

Things I don’t like:

  • Toxic, jerk LIs
  • Cheating being glorified or a main plot that revolves around cheating
  • Mafia and gangs
    *Teacher-student romance
  • The author apologizing for the story being bad
  • When the dialogue feels forced and unrealistic
  • Stories that revolve around sex and that include a lot of sexual descriptions and innuendo
  • When the MC and LI meet, and we get a narration about how they immediately feel a strong attraction. I prefer having their feelings develop as they get to know each other instead of having them fall in love the split second they lay eyes on each other.
  • Too much “bathroom humor” or gross comedy.
  • Bad directing, and only using 2015 backgrounds from the Episode catalogue
  • Titles and descriptions with the words ‘steamy, bad boy, billionaire’


Titles and descriptions with the words ‘steamy, bad boy, billionaire’

And Werewolf, alley, bad boy, CEO and gang leader??? :clown_face:


Grammar is a big one for me. I try to be understanding of the fact that English isn’t some authors first language, but if I have to work to understand the dialogue it becomes more of a chore than fun.

Love happening too quickly or unrealistically. I like the characters to get to know each other before they are getting engaged.

Outfit choices and being able to change the hair and lipstick frequently. I love being able to dress my character and love when frequent outfit changes are done for each new day.

I like the stories to feel authentic. I like to get lost in the stories I read, so the more genuine the characters, dialogue and plot are, the more likely I’ll binge your story in a day.

Having choices. Especially in the beginning of a story. If I’m not able to control any dialogue or any part of the story I get uninterested really quickly. Now I’ve noticed I get engrossed in stories and if there aren’t many choices near the end I don’t even notice anymore because I’m so hooked on the story at the point. But I need the choices in the beginning lol.


Oh yes, those too!! :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: