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I have just published the first 4 episodes of my story called “The art of seduction” I am not rushing this story as i like to have a build up and many changes will take place. I hope to be publishing an episode once a week, i would so appreciate to have some feedback on this story and any tips that would be able to help me.
ALSO seriously wanna read some more storys so promote away! Ill look forward to reading them :smiley:

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Check out my story!

Story Name: Cursed (H&V)
Description: You are Zara. A vampire princess cursed at birth. You thirst for vampire blood. You have enemies who want you dead. You are the hero of your country. Will you be able to save it?
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Style: Limelight
Status: Ongoing

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Not a cliche vampire story.

Optional to read below. But it will inform more on my story.

Quick Description (Not in episode bio): There was a banquet held once a year in the Vampire Country called The Banquet of Vampire Pride, 300 years before your arrival. The Vampire King sent out an army to capture a family of witches (which were rare to find) to drink their blood. But the army missed one person. The youngest child of the witch family. Devastated at their death. This young witch now orphaned spent 300 years training for revenge. Only to wait until your birth, to truly get revenge. Cursing so you so you can only drink a Vampire’s blood. Traitors plot to overthrow the King causing the Battle of Royals to draw near. There’s death, there’s tragedy, there’s love, friendship and trust.


Battle of Royals: Is when the King dies, all the children of the King are entitled to the throne. All they have to do to get it. Is enter the Battle of Royals and fight to the death or forfeit.
Witches: You might be like. How did the witch live so long? Everything can live until very very old except humans. They have a 100 year life span. All others in this story can live long.

My little sister @classicallydark is such an amazing artist! This one of our character, Makaio from our story we wrote together!

H & V: The Hacker Chronicles.
Genre: Adventure Follow three best friends on an epic post-apocalyptic quest to find the rightful heir to the throne! Choices Matter You Play All Three Characters

Hi there! I would love to read your story! I’ll check it out rn!
So here’s my story if you’re interesed in reading it!
Here’s my story:
Title: Girlhood
Author: Oumnia
Genre: Drama
Description: Kethius might seem like any ordinary teenage boy but in fact he hides a unique secret…
Number of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Instagram: oumniaepisode

My very first story. It is in Spotlight but I enjoy writing it like that! :slight_smile:

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Hey!) I’d be really glad to read your story!
And even more if you read mine as well:grin:

Title: Until You Knocked On My Door
Author: Julia
Style: Ink.
Genre Drama\romance
Number of Episodes:7 ongoing
Description: Life plays a cruel joke with us sometimes. And this girl is no exception. She couldn’t even imagine, that only ONE KNOCK on the door can turn her whole difficult life upside down.

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Hello, this is my first story, all feedback is welcome. This is a short story about Megan Sinclair and her group of friends having a night out on the town. What could possible go wrong? Please checkout.
1.” To the Night”
2. Megan Beard
3. 6 episodes
4. Comedy
5. Ink
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Hey, can you please read my story?? :blush:

Title: Romantic Cruise
Author: Lawful Evil
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 4 [Completed] 2 endings
Description: You break up with your cheating boyfriend and go on a cruise. What will happen if you meet a mysterious dangerous man? Customize Characters

Hey, I would love it if you guys read my story!

Story:Bad Boys Everywhere.

Title: H & V: Kaleidoscopic
Author Name: The Turtle Trainer
Genre(s): Action, Romance
Style: Ink
Story Description: There are two sides to every story. Heroes and Villains, but what happens when you try to switch sides in the middle of the war?
Episodes Released: 3

Hiya, please read and see what you think of my story.

I also have 2 more stories:
My holiday from hell
They Broke My Heart

I have three stories but I’ll just post my H&V entry

Title: H&V: Angels Can’t Die

Genre: Drama

Style: Ink


You can contact me on insta if you want to do a read for read :wink:
Insta: @cateyedgoddess_episode

Please give me feedback on My story I am dating a liar.
Thank you.


HI! Hope You’d notice my first story. Thank you <3 :smile:

P.S. it is not really all wolves and vampires there’s more to it so stay tuned
Story: Unexpected You
Genre: Romance/Action/Fantasy
Author: Haneen
Description: A girl who thought her junior year would be normal as she expected to be. It turns out there are a lot of unexpected events happening in her life. Will she survive? Who is her man?
Instagram: @haneen.episode

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Here’s my new story I’ve published if you want to read it
Title: Hollywood Undead
Author; KM
Genre: Drama/comedy
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Description: You’re the lead singer, you got it all. Money, women, parties. And a troubled past. Do you have what it takes? Male MC
IG: km_episode_readers


Hi, Chy.Dillon!

Thank you very much for creating this thread, this is very kind of you!

If you are interested in reading a story with several mini-games and where CHOICES REALLY MATTER then, please, give my story a try. This is my first story ever but I have put a lot of effort in it and would highly appreciate any feedback! I promise, the story will keep you hooked :blush:

My story details:

Name of story: H & V: Fate
Author: Alex Af
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 4 (completed)
Summary of story: Young ambitious journalist hunting down a powerful tycoon who has made a fortune based on lies. But who really is a villain here? Choices matter.
Link to story:

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Here is my new story! You may check it out if you’re interested :slight_smile:
Title: H & V: Shadows of My Past
Author: Zayen Ng
Genre: Action
Style: Ink
Number of Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
Story Description: Running from a secret organization that raised you as an assassin, how long could you hide before your past catches up to you? How far will things have to go before you kill again?
Story Link:

Hi there!
I will definitely be checking out your story. Here are the details of mine if you are interested:
Title: H & V: Lie to me
Author: Alexandra Mar
Genre: Mystery/Drama with romantic subplots
Description: After only serving 3 years of a 25 to life sentence, Aiden Suarez is mysteriously released. But wait, what’s that? Oh right, “Aiden Suarez” no longer exists.

Hi, thank you so much for making this thread.
Here is my entry for the H&V contest.

Title: H&V: Lifeline
Author: Bells.C
Genre: Drama
Story Style: INK
Episodes: 3 (Completed)
Short Description: In a world riddled with comics and fiction comes a tale with a different kind of hero. A hero that isn’t who you would expect.
Instagram: @bellsepisodes

Thank you in advance.:blush::two_hearts: