Share your art/drawings/edits


I created this so new or undiscovered artists like myself can be discovered.
Read the following below please!

My social media.
Instagram : @gabby.episode2005.Please follow me I am trying to get to 20 followers.If you follow me I will follow you right back.

Please keep the art PG-13

Any negativity against a person’s art/drawing/edit is not allowed.You are allowed to share your opinions as long as they are not rude or disrespectful in any way

Note : tell me if you want me to do it or not
I will like and share all the art that is portrayed here on instagram and I will give you total credit for your art/drawings/edits.


follow for follow? I’m about 2 follow you @Episode.gabby


Here is something I’m working on for a story
(P.S. I just followed you :wink: )


Thanks ,do want your art to be shared on instagram


It looks lovely ,can’t wait to see the finished result


Nah, I’m good. btw, my username on Insta is angelinatheunicorn


Okay ,I’ll follow you



I did XXXTentaction when he died … RIP X :sob:
And I did eevee because she is my favorite one


Do you want this to be shared on Instagram ,I will give you all the credit?


Do you want timeshares on Instagram ,I will give you all the credit


Sure :smile:


This is really good ,I wish I was this good


Check out my thread please!
My Instagram is Miss.Dahlia.Blossom it’s new and I could use some followers! You can make requests there, but I recommend here on the forums cause I’ll see it sooner.
(This is my art only account, my other episode one got to 40 followers on the first day, please help me make that happen again…) :blush::kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


I love their eyes




These are beautiful


Thanks so so much!


f4f? (follow for follow)


Totally! Whats your instagram?