Share your art / drawings


I’d just like to add in my drawing of eevee :heart_eyes: imageimage




So cute!! :heart_eyes::blush:


Thank youuuuuuuu :heart: I was looking for pet png for my story and couldn’t find any that I liked … and eevee just came to my mind randomly so I just looked for pngs for her… but realized that there weren’t any furry textures of one… so I make my own :blush: took my 2 hours and 20 minutes lol


Here’s a splash I did for my friend, @Cayla_Chanel_Whitt, a few days ago.



ahhhhh aly I love it!!!


Awe, thank you!


ahhhhh I seriously love it lol


I try.

very hard.


update on my splsasheds???

*splashes lol


You need to work on your counturing and hilight it look like the face is burned and its a little blurry


I haven’t seen you try, so please do not tell me how to do my contour.

Also, it is supposed to look blurry, that’s how it is.

No shade is meant to be thrown, but I have never seen you try and do contour, so it’s not your place to tell me how to do it…


Lmao, spelling, Amani.

But, you’re number five on the list, I’m getting to ya. :wink:


I am very good at it I was giving you some tips no need to be rude



lol and yes that spelling :joy:


can I see some of yours


I put in my post, no shade.

I have never seen you do contour on here, so how can you claim you’re so good at it…


I don’t have it since its on my tablet


Then you can’t really say anything about your skills because we don’t know if you’re telling the truth…



anyway I best your art is amazing

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