Share your art / drawings


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:joy: I relate to that. But at least you have the ideas :thinking:


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True that! :grin:


I did this hours ago. It’s whatever.


Made these today for someone.


That’s so good!


Simple random edit thats not of any use! Feel free to use it but just give credit tho!


Your backgrounds are so adorable! :sweat_smile::revolving_hearts:


What do you use to edit your backgrounds? And where do you find the pngs?


Just a quick note:
If you ask someone for art or to join your group and they refuse, please don’t keep pm’ing them, asking repeatedly. That’s called harassment. And, it’s really frustrating for some of the artists.
Thanks again. :black_heart:


New crap- sorry I mean art


XD. I don’t use an app. I crop out stuff from episode background and find other stuff that looks episode-like on google and I arrange it on google slides.
very unprofessional.


PNG? it’s automatically one because I screenshot them, I think.


Ohhh, that’s actually so smart :scream:


I use photoshop


Sadly, I don’t have money,:laughing:


Oof thats really ahmazing! I use ibis paint x and my art is still crap :sob:

Sad art

It coulsnt upload :joy:


Do you search “episode furniture” for it or “furniture” for the inages? @CinnamonToast


I tried making a good outline for the first time, usually I do it for myself and then I fix while I go, but I want to organize an outline contest, so I should practice a little!