Share your art/edits/covers...!



Hey everyone!
I know that this community is full of talented artists, and every artwork shouldn’t be undiscovered! You can share
your art, edits, covers, backgrounds and so on here! It’s okay if it’s not Episode related! :slightly_smiling_face: Of course I’ll share some of my artworks too! :slight_smile:

And a cover that I made :grin:

My instagram is @leliepisode. I do NOT take requests!

Have fun and negativity is not allowed!


Wow :heart: they are awesome! :smile::smile::smile:


Thank you!


Those are amazing :wink: I wish I can draw like that


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am in love…


Your work is fantastic :heart_eyes:
This is some of the edit I made, hope you like it!



So beautiful! Here’s a tip: Use a larger canvas size for a better quality!


Here’s my art it’s not that good…


So gorgeous! I love it! Try to add shadows and light to the hair :slight_smile:


Ok thank you for the feedback I will try and work on my art better


Yes work on them edits😂


Lol girly I am trying



I love your style so much! :heart_eyes: Maybe you can turn on the stabilizer (if you have one), for cleaner lines.


I do! It usually doesn’t help much though


Okay. I have another tip: I recommend to make fast strokes, especially at the shading part to make it look cleaner :grin:


I will, thank you for the tip!


@Leli - Your art is AMAZING! I am wanting to do some for my story. Would you willing to share what you use? I am wanting to invest in a drawing/graphics tablet and really wanting to know if I will need all that. You can DM me if you want. Thanks!


Thank you so much! I use ibisPaintX to edit, and I edit on my phone. I never edited on a tablet before so I don’t know if it’s an advantage :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow and you created those pictures from your phone? I guess I need to put that back on my phone then and play around with it. I just am amateur to what each tool does. LOL