Share Your Artwork!

Hello everyone! I’ve noticed a lot of creative and amazing artwork people created on the forums! There amazing and creative artwork has put me to the idea of a sharing your artwork thread!

Even if you don’t think that your artwork is perfection, post it on here anyway! I seriously doubt that your artwork is bad. Don’t put yourself down, post it on here! I would love to take a look at it!

Of course before we begin posting our beautiful masterpieces, there are a couple of rules to follow!

  1. Be respectful to everyone’s work! There is no negativity in this thread, so don’t cause it. I hate the idea of drama in a thread because I’ve been in drama multiple times in a thread for my own opinion.

  2. Tell some improvements if you think they could improve a piece of work! Remember, don’t cause drama, improvements are not hate comments saying, “You’re trash!” and such. Of course not!

  3. This is not a topic to ask for art! This is strictly about only sharing art. If you love someone’s artwork and you want them to make you work, PM them because this is not the thread for it. You will be reported of not being relevant to the thread, if you ask.

  4. You will need to give credit to the owner of the work if you’d like to use something. Unless said otherwise, of course.

  5. There is a certain way you will have to post your pieces of work on here! It’ll be at the end of the thread, don’t miss it! Not following any one of these rules will get you reported, I’m very strict about this since people think they can do whatever they want in threads these days.

That’s about it for the rules, onto the format in to which sharing your artwork! You may copy and paste it into your comment, changing what needs to be changed! You will have to use this format.

Script Format

This is the script you will use to post all of your artwork!

(Optional) Any additional comments here…
Instagram and Episode name for credit

(Optional) Telling if you want credit or not…

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