Share your character names

basically I made this thread so we could share out character names. If you want you could also add who she/he/they are like:
Laura Swift
Love interest of main character

Here’s my some names that I will reveal since my story isn’t out yet.

Imogen Hawthorn
major character and hunter of Melian’s squad

Melian Domhnall (It’s gender neutral name cause you can choose LI’s gender)
LI of mc, major character and captain of squad

Clodette Aldine
healer, minor character and girlfriend of one of the squad members

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Reina Emelia Portilla = Female MC (Reader Chooses MC)

Kingston Asher Portilla = Male MC (Reader Chooses MC)

Reina Emelia Whyte = LI to Male MC

Kingsley Asher Whyte = LI to Female MC

I have advanced coding in my story and got too confused whilst trying to add an LGBTQ+ option (:

Romance isn’t the main topic either way (:

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Oo what’s your story about

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Upcoming (:

R&R: The Path of the Unknown (If I can get it done in time: advanced directing takes ages :tired_face:) But if I run out of time I’ll just enter into the next contest with a few alterations so it fits the qualifications (:

Current Description (Not 180 characters yet) = Your biggest supporter has been involved in a horrific accident, some of your best friends are moving away for university, what else can possibly happen? Oh maybe you find out someone is after you when they mistake you for someone else! Can you help the people closest to u all whilst unveiling the person u got mistaken for? What will happen when your search leads you to a deep secret that was you were never meant to find?

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