Share your creepy/weird school stories here!

Well, as we know, school is nearing… sadly.
But you know, no one can deny it; atleast one creepy/weird thing happened :joy:
So, feel free to share them here! And if you want some links to my previous topics:


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Okay. So. I play the violin and am part of the school orchestra. School ended at 4, concert was at 7, but if I went home, I would just have to leave straight when I got there, so there was no point in that. So I was wandering around school with some snacks and a fellow orchestra member and we were outside. From one of the windows, there was this really powerful blue light shining and it looked soo creepy. We knew it couldn’t be a club doing something weird because all the clubs finished at 5 (it was 6). So we went inside and tried to go inside the classroom, but it was locked from the inside and nobody was in there. The light was coming from the whiteboard and it was flickering blue and sometimes that grey static kind of thing. So we freaked out and ran. Far, far away. To the next classroom :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


So it’s more like creepy…
Our school was a hospital in WW2, so every student for years has said that there’s ghosts in out school.
Ofc not everyone believed it.
So, everyone says that the ghost of the little girl appears and starts creeping out everyone who’s in the 4th floor after 6pm.
And for some weird reason, our school has banned any student to be on the 4th floor after 6pm… Of course we had a class party once, and it was 6pm. We sneaked up to the 4th floor. Turns out, that one of the cleaning ladies have to stay up at the stairs that lead to the 4th floor every time there’s a class night that goes after 6pm, to make sure no one goes up there…
It can’t be that someone really is there… right?


I’d never in my life go in that classroom again


Mine is a lot scarier than yours:

When I was in Year 11 (Sophomore), there used to be a rumor that there was a lady singing at the last stall of the girl’s bathroom. Ofc me & my BFFs didn’t believe it. It also said that if you go to the last stall of the girl’s bathroom after 6:30 pm, the singing lady will lock you in the stall and start screaming loudly which will make your ears bleed. There was a school party which lasted till 11. I & my friends wanted to test out the rumor. My friend went to the last stall in the bathroom while we were dancing and stuff. After an hour, she wasn’t back, so we went to check-in on her. When we opened the stalls door, my friend was on the floor, pale and petrified with ears bleeding. We went and called the teacher and after a few days, she came back to school. When we tried to talk to her, she would keep repeating “Miss Quinn was murdered by Mr. Smith” (Mr. Smith was our Math teacher). We were creeped out really badly. One day, I dunno what came over me but I had extra classes which lasted till 8, I went to the last stall at around 7:30 and then I heard a melodious hum of a young lady, I tried to open the door, but it was locked. There was a window above the stall in which an average person could fit in. Then the hum started becoming a scream, a loud scream. My ears hurt. I broke the glass of the window and climbed out. While climbing out, I saw the young lady, her face was pale with one of the ears plucked out, wearing a bloody torn white gown. She stared at me and stopped the screaming. I was shocked and climbed out of the window. Luckily, the bathroom was on the 2nd floor. I still remember it. Her face, her clothes and her torn ear…

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Sweet dreams to anyone who red this! Cuz I don’t feel like sleeping tonight!

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