Share Your Diverse Casts!

Inspired by a former Episode forums user who was suspended (sadly). But she created a thread about diverse characters on other forums, though

I was thinking - maybe a thread of diverse characters should be created in order to help and inspire each other to create unique characters, 'cause after all, what makes the story a story? The characters themselves I mean, without characters, a story cannot be a story, no?, especially when each of them is special in their own way and different from each other.

So here you are more than welcomed to share your casts :smiley:! Please do state and explain their personalities and backgrounds. and of course, you can tell us more things about the characters that make them unique (such as, their flaws, what they like and dislike, even their favorite color(s) and food. You can add more).

For those who don’t know what I mean by “diversity”:

Diversity consists of culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientations, religion, disabilities, mental health, economic status, even thoughts (as in their world POV) and more! (It’s not limited to them).

You are totally free to comment and give some advice to each other (and to me as well) on how to make the casts better and more colorful! :grin:


  1. NO hate speech. Do NOT spread your negativity here.
  2. This is NOT a promote-your-story thread.
  3. DO NOT go off-topic. This also means - NO POLITICS
  4. Please be respectful, which also means no swearing.

So, here’s some of my (unpublished) story’s characters

Ohad "Fistuk" Ademe

Age: 23
Background: He was born in Kiriyat Gat, Israel to Ethiopia-born Jewish parents, meaning that he’s Jewish too. And he has 3 sisters and one brother.

Personality: Funny, happy-go-lucky guy who likes to tease his friends sometimes. He tends to be late for meetings, mainly fashionably lates. The MC describes his fasion taste as weird, and tends to always wear at least one green clothing (which is why his nickname is Fistuk, meaning “pistachio” :sweat_smile:). He is not the type of cleaning, so if you wanna ask someone to do some cleaning, then he’s not the right address for this.

Favorite color: Green, grey.

Favorite foods: Chicken and potatoes in oven with rice, chocolate cake, injera with sega wat.

Disliked Foods: Cinammon, coconut, tuna, nuts.

Hobbies: Helping and teasing his friends, playing playstation.

In the story, he is one of the other main characters (I mean, the ones who’ll appear throughout the story).

Stephanie "Tephi/Tefi" Awad

Age: 22

Background: Tefi was born to a Christian-Arab family from Hafia. Her father was born in Israel while her mother was born in Lebanon, but ran away from there. She has one older brother and two younger sisters.

Personality: Tefi is an assertive, caring and cheerful woman. She has an obsession for fashion (and can be very tenacious about it) and dreams to become a sucessfull stylist.

Favorite colors: White, red and pink.

Yochay Harush

Age: 20

Background: Yochay is the 8th child of Menachem. He is an Avrech who stodies in a Kollel. He is a haredi.

Personality: Yochay is described as a free-spirited and bright young man with wisdom. He likes teasing his younger brother and scares him from time to time.

Favorite color: Blue (mainly navy blue).

Favorite foods: Onion pie, sufganiyah, hummus.

Disliked foods: ketchup, carrots, bananas.

Hobbies: Studying Torah and Halacot, teasing his brother, reading, taking a walk.

Menachem Harush

Age: 58

Backgrounds: Menachem was born to a Haredic family from Tiberias. He has 9 children, including Yochay. He runs a family Judaica shop.

**Personality: ** When the MC meets his for the first time, he describes him as someone with cool nature, and seems like a lovely person. He is very faithful and devoted to the Jewish faith and its principles. Although he looks like a very serious man, he has a good sense of humor.

Favorite color: Silver

Favorite foods: Fish, cholent (hamin), salads.

Disliked foods: pineapple and cheese.

Will show more later.


this is some character cards I been working on for my main cast, for some time but haven’t finished yet



Others who in the main cast

My story is called scorn heir. and is a fantasy

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