Share your Edits, Art & Drawings



Hey guys so I am starting a new thread since the original thread Share your art / drawings keeps opening and closing. :cry: So I wanted to create a new platform for you to share your edits, outlines, any type of art & drawings.
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These the artist at the top of my head please invite more people to join :heart: :blush:
Feel free to post your art HERE :wink:
If you want to do any polls here please dm me and see if I approve or dm on insta @episode.miss_z
Gave Permission to: @Madeha

Share your art / drawings
Share Your Art/Drawings 2
Share your art / drawings 2
Share Your Artwork!
Share your art / drawings
Is There A Art Thread White I Can Share My work
Show your Art Work!
Show your Art Work!

Im gonna be the first :slight_smile: Art for the cover for one story


I just did this coloring tonight.



Amazing :smile: you are TALENTED :two_hearts:


Unicorn Power :unicorn: Amazing :smile:


I have more unicorns ones coming… I love unicorns… I am the queen of unicorns afterall.


Lol :laughing: You go girl :wink:


A light edit of my half asleep hoe!


@SilverStar @annaclaire721 @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @Queen_K @Chesirekitten101 @SinaoMua
Please share your art here and invite more please :blush:


It is beautiful :smile:


Thanks very much :heartbeat::heartbeat:


No worries :two_hearts:



A few more artists to bless the thread



That is great :yellow_heart: are these for your stories?


I’ll curse this thread with my crap but ok :joy:

This one was an outline ^^^^

Enjoy I guess :joy:


Thank You :heart:
No one is for @IDONTKNOWREAL’s story, I can’t remember who the other one is for


These are super cool!!


Great and my personal favourite is the girl with pink beach waves hair :heart:


Thank You! :heart:

@Miss.Fatima_Z the other one is for @Bethany1