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I’ll start writing it out now and I’ll try and explain it as best as I can :sweat_smile:

Side note: I highly recommend Sketchbook, the brushes you get are amazing for something that is free!


Looking good! Her eyes are pretty and the hand is starting to look nicely realistic with the creases! :slight_smile:


love these so much!!


Thank you.


So I just made my first ever PROPER edit with the knowledge I currently have I’d love to know your opinion!! And for some reason it won’t save with good quality (I use ibis paint x) but here it is :purple_heart:

I posted it on insta too but meh lol. Lowkey self promo but my insta is if anybody wants to follow (I’m a writer too hehe)


I love the shine on her eyes.:heart_eyes::heart:


She looks so cute! And love how you outlined it.


Really? Thank you so much that means a lot :sob:


Thank you! :sob:


Your welcome :heart:


Nice job! The edit is good although you might want to add more shading and highlights on the skin. Maybe add more shading and hair strands to the hair?


Newest WIP - Any guesses who it is? Though I suppose it might be quite obvious… :sweat_smile:


I love her thick eyebrows! Many edits on episode have girls with thin ass eyebrows but these are thicc.


WIP for @Turtle_Cat

I am lowkey hating those twiggy arms of hers :eyes:



That hair though! :heart_eyes: :crown: :raised_hands:


I’m slow :joy:
Who is this?
It looks good :heart::smile:


Thank you - hair is my favourite part of a drawing :heart::heart:


Chester Bennington :slight_smile:
It might be easier to tell now that I’ve done some blending.


Ignore the teeth, haven’t finished those!


Ohhh I see it :smile: you’re so talented


He’s less of a blobby mess now :sweat_smile:

Thank you :woozy_face: