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Don’t get discouraged! It’s ok to take a break if you need some time to find more motivation, but I always enjoy seeing your artwork! :purple_heart:


Also holy bananas how do you contour (whatever the correct term is I’m too bewildered with beauty to care) boys?!


And both of you two’s artworks are both amazing! They’re equally awesome and but shine in their own way. :grin:


Thank you, I might take one as soon as I finish some requests :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Hahaha I don’t know really how to explain but I do more time and details on guys for him I use 5 different shades of his original skin tone :smile:


Yes please do take a break, I don’t want you to feel discourage while doing your process of beauty making because then your talent doesn’t fully shine! And 5 shades, dang commitment. :joy: I’ll just stick with my two shades because I’m lazy


Thank you :heart: I will soon and hahaha I’m committed to everyone one of my guy’s edit since I want them to look smexy :smirk: lol or at least decent.

But I finished the guy

I hour and 39 minutes
He’s part of a cover
Credit for watermark - @marissa.epy


And with finishing, you made it even more beautiful! :purple_heart:


Aww thank you so much!


The clothes shading though!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks :heart::smile: I actually used 5 different shades for it too


Well it paid off because it looks flawless! The entire thing does!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! :heart::heart::heart::sob: Now I have to finish the girl and I’m done with this cover :sob:


Holy moly that’s hella gorgeous! My eyes have been blessed :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So adorable! I’m still obsessing over the shading :heart_eyes: :heart:


I love your style, so unique!


Request for someone on insta :))
My insta - olive.epi7
Background- Pinterest




Thank you so much!



oh my god it’s been so long since i’ve been here, I just scrolled through hundreds posts worth and I’m happy to see y’all improve <3