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Just finished the girl :smile:

The Girl

Both of Them together

Watermark credit to - @marissa.epy


Cutee! That’s beautiful girl


Thank you so much! :heart:


Current WIP! I’m kinda sure how I wanna do the dude… but what should I do for the girls hair?? Any ideas? Like what color n stuff




Ah thank you <33
It’s just a rough sketch so far but :sweat_smile:


New style I have tried, still not the best but.

It’s a png, for something…


How did you do the nose and mouth :sob: I struggle with these, and because of that, a lot of my artwork is unfinished.


Hi! This thread is only for sharing art, backgrounds, etc. I would make a separate thread asking or through pm someone who may make backgrounds.
Thank you!


My drawing for mine and @Turtle_Cat’s outline contest :heart::heart:

Shameless self promotion, I know


Lemme show you how it’s done.

I made for my friend and our Outline Contest! it would really warm our hearts to have you join because we love you all.:heart_eyes:Ewww, I don’t like this side of me.:joy:

Tell me what you think.
And no stealing or tracing please and thank you.:grin:


Gross, my way is better, thank you very much :no_mouth:


So you guys having a contest who can promo their OC better?




Pretty much. Apparently I did it “wrong”.


I’d say both of you will win…


Hush, it’s not a contest for both of us to win :eyes:


You’re just jealous cuz I won.

mk, I’m done with off topic.


Well then I’ll say that…

Drumm Rolls

Turtle will win with the promo, but Queenie will win with art


@Turtle_Cat sucker :clap::clap::clap: