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Auyyyyy, I’m so getting flagged for this :joy::joy::joy:

I win in my head, it’s chill. :smirk:


My entry to @/Jossu pfp contest

Watermark credit to @marissa.epy


Srry I liked the hair on hers better, but both of yours are good,

Hers is just a little bit better

But I’m done with off topic.

Me tryna do a pose,


That’s super cute!:heart_eyes:


Thank you :heart_eyes:

also I’m joining your oc and I love y’all’s two outline and example


That’s so sweet, thank you :heart:


No problem!


Okay, soooooo… I was hoping this would turn out… better. But here you go @MagixQueenie. Your next pfp for the next 5 months!:blush::grin: I’ll give you zee watermarkless version.

I pray your hair is actually brown and not the light red chestnut was.

Ooof, I wanna set this as my pfp so frikin bad.:sob: I’ll just do it on Instagram.

Only Queenie may use! No one else!
Feedback welcome.


That’s cute! I love your friendship!


For the nose on the side it doesn’t have the line I get a darker tone of the skin and then I draw a line the same size then I use Gaussian Blur. For the mouth I think I just drew a white line on the bottom lip on the right side.


Here is a recent art scene i made for @Sunset_Shimmer
Omg i dont like it at all but its kinda decent… so idk. Please give me some feedback…


This is adorable <33


@Jossu, thank you so much! I bet this whole thread is tired of us making art for each other.:roll_eyes::joy:
@EllasStorys, thank youuuuuuuu! Imma join your Outline contest I nailed it @MagixQueenie.:love_you_gesture:t5:


Aaah I’m glad!! So excited to see your entry


Opinions? :thinking:


This is amazing,!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




I’m pretty sure everyone will be growing bored of how often we draw each other :joy::joy:


I feel like I am already