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Oof #2


Hey guys! :gem:

I’m currently working on an edit for something (It contains LOADS OF CHARACTERS)

And i would like feedback on how it’s going so far (I’m not great at shading :/)

Here it is so far :grimacing:

(Please help me out i don’t know how to make it look better :weary: :tired_face: )


Perhaps use a cleaner pen? Dip pen hard is great for beginners :wink: i use the fade pen cuz that’s my literal signature pen but umm just clean up your line art and draw chunks of hair next time


Make sure you have stabilizer on!!!

Also a tip: larger canvas size= better quality!



They’re gorgeous!


Art scene fun fact, made for a gal who was scammed by that chick, we were discussing lately on Forum.


Well, okay then… :no_mouth:


Don’t worry it’s not a bad thing. Just feel bad for me because no one makes art for me…okay nvm. But like I adoree your friendship you’re goalss


say no more

if you’d dm me your character details that’d be nice…hehe…


:blush: :sob: sure…


I was… just about to make you an edit because you were my very first response to my google form…:relieved:


Was i really? Thought that more people were before me…? Tho I changed my details…


Honestly just PM me.

I am always open to create for people if they’re nice :heart:

I believe so.


Hmmz…yeah I know that I submitted the form, but like you’re so popular and thought that like “oh you’re so busy even so yeah”




Sooo I’ve been playing around with colouring hair and I kinda need feedback. I dunno what I did but I like it… :thinking: I mean it’s lowkey trash :joy::joy:


Honestly I’m too scared to PM anyone my details. So for anyone who wants my deets here’s my INK ones. But does making character detail banners count as art? Because I made mine, sorry that they’re blurry I’ll make new ones


Me tryna stay on topic for once


My first ever character edit heheh