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It’s my second edit ever, it’s bad.

Sorry about the terrible quality


Maybe define the lighting in the hair? Instead of using the airbrush and dragging it across, do something like this:

EDIT: Damn, why’d this get so many likes?? <33


Oh gosh. I havent been on here since December. This will probably be my last time here but I’m just back to say hi to my old friends and because I just finished this in my own style an dam super proud of it so. (and I made a promise to @epsd.ama that I’d make a appearance)


Welp that’s about it peace out once again homies might come back on in like a few months probably not tho. And plz don’t steal. I did hide my signature!


IT LOOKS AMAZING!! :clap::clap:
Aw I’m so proud of how your art is developing :clap::clap:
I feel like proud old mama :sneezing_face::yellow_heart:

and yes it was really necessary for me to say this again :grin:


Again. I. Am. Older. Than. You. It would be pyschially impossible If my mother was younger than me! But thank you.


that looks amazing


Thanks Bri!!


ur welcome

This feels like old times lol


Shh whatever. You are only older by like two months!!


Still. Like how would that even work?!




Hm idk it is impossible… unless I was pregnant with you while I was inside mah mother then gave birth to you before I was actually born mhm




Mhm yep see I am your mama


lol wtf




u have officially lost it my dear friend


I lost it a while ago. Like we said I am the QUEEN OF SPAZ mhm


im reconsidering that