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As For Free/Payment Art Programs If You’re Looking Here Are Some I Recommend


Medibang Paint Pro (Free)
Fire Alpaca (Free)
Gimp (Free)
Krita (Free)
Photoshop (I believe it varies depending on how long you want it for but you do have to pay)
Paint Tool Sai ($50 One Time Payment)
Clip Studio Paint ($49.99 One Time Payment)


Medibang Paint Pro (Free)
Procreate (

Ibis Paint X (Free)
autodesk sketchbook (Free)


I’m pretty sure procreate is a one time purchase and for the iPhone, it’s 4.99 and for an iPad it’s 9.99 :grin:


well there you go! i never use mobile art apps/programs (i don’t have a stylus and my hand isn’t steady enough to use my finger) so i’m not familiar with that stuff :blush:


I could be wrong tho… I’ve never purchased procreate before :joy::joy:


well the point is it needs to be purchased and if someones planning on getting it i’d assume they’d have enough to pay for it whether its monthly or a one time payment if they were thinking on getting it in the first place :joy:



i like everything but the hands (everyone has trouble with hands and i personally hate drawing them so we’re not gonna even talk about that) and the arm idk if it’s just me but i feel like it should be just a tad smaller but otherwise :+1:


Hands. . . An artists worst nightmare.

(At least for me and a lot of other artists I’ve talked to. :joy: Not everyone though!)


agreed i was working on an edit earlier and legit had to take a break cause i got so frustrated with how the hands look.


Me all of the time when drawing. :sob:


Thank you and yes hands are so hard. Lol


Ahh just made this one for the holidays! Christmas :christmas_tree: :heart_eyes::heart::


I love this it is so cute. :blue_heart: I love it.


I actually like this!
(@Daisy_Flower1 I finished ittt)


Oh no I forgot to shade the hair!!! I’m so stupid. :woman_facepalming:


I’m pretty new to editing but here’s a few examples of the kind of stuff I’ve done so far for my fellow author here on Episode! :sweat_smile:


:heart_eyes: All of those are so CUTE! :sob::scream::heart_eyes:


Also, just want to say that I love the hair in your avatar in your profile picture! Those two styles look amazing together! :heart:


Aw, thank you so much!! That means a lot to me that you like the edits & my hair lol :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I may hate LL but these are super adorable.