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Thank you so much; that really means a lot to me! And yeah, haha I get a pretty even mix of people requesting both ink and limelight, but I’m so glad you could still enjoy it even though it’s not your favorite style!! I really appreciate it! :blush:


Aw tysm :heart::evergreen_tree:


Gah i love itt!!!


Lol thanks girl.


I do recommend untucking her hair from her arm tho not stretching the faces so much.


Alrighty, I’ll make sure and be more careful about the stretching in the future and working on the way things flow like the hair for sure :raised_hands:


Cool lol.


Haha chocolate is my bae :heart:


Looks awesome!


If you don’t understand the string thing it’s basically lore (pretty sure lore says the string goes around ankles but um who likes drawing feet?)
Critiques/Thoughts/Advice is always welcome (particularly on my anatomy would be apricated)

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Ty :smile::two_hearts:


Um… Idek

It’s not episode related it’s just dumb.
(@Daisy_Flower1 it’s done.)

Well any feedback on whatever the hell this is?


THAT’S GORGEOUS CASS :sob: sparkles coming through, I see ya :smirk:


Does anyone here use procreat? If so can I get any tips? Just bought it. :sweat_smile:


The female character’s hair and the male character’s jacket is so nicely done.Overall such an amazing art. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s December 4 :grin::christmas_tree:


Thank you! :smile:


I use Procreate and I have used it for almost 2 years so I know a lot :laughing: feel free to DM me! I’m also on Instagram if that’s easier to message on (@mere.creates)


God I’m so depressed… It’s been a while since i drew and i think it’s crappy :cry:
Guys i just… Urggggh i need a tablet to work correctly i hate this plus i draw shit this is crap compare to others :broken_heart: