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Guess who back and better than ever! Lmao jk :joy: If you don’t remember who I am I was Episode.Rose186 but I changed my username. It’s been forever. :two_hearts: But im back
P.s I realized that I didn’t shade the lips great but it’s okay.


Oh my gosh that’s so gorgeous your so talented omg!


im in love


Thank you! But I’m not talented. :two_hearts:


Yes you are!!!


Thanks :two_hearts:


Omg yess! FROGG


Lol isn’t he everything?


Like I said he is more than everything






an art scene requested by a fellow author. it wasn’t that great, but eh, its fine i was a rush anyway. it’s my second one and it literally took me forever 🤦

oh and the hair looks bad, i know


Are you kidding it’s awesome!!


AHH glad you think so, i feel like the hair is ruining everything . thanks tho you’re amazing too :yellow_heart:


the hair is great its amazing


thank u love , that’s really sweet of you :yellow_heart:


It looks so good Soph!!


The boy has turned out pretty well :sleepy:
People like you always make me cry:sob:


I almost thought it is a picture of you and your bf (No offense)
How can this amount of talent exist?


yup, im pretty proud of that too ! and please don’t cry, you’re so amazing yourself :yellow_heart:

AHH thanks Cass, it means a lot :yellow_heart: